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Get Him On Our Side

Vincenzo brings up a guy named JD O'Toole, working for Paulie's Revue Bar in the RLD. He wants to be on your side so you can do a little espionage, the only problem being some Sindacco "sitting" on the power. You need to take them out.

Take Them Out

Get to the AmmuNation at the normal place to get one free Pistol with bullets - anymore costing $250. Get over to the construction site and work on those guys here. Make your way through, kill the rest befoire killing the guy next to the vehicle and pick up his cellphone. JD calls, and since he owes you, he tells you to take the vehicle and respray it as a little deposit. Respray it to complete the mission.

Reward - $500


The car is a rare Hellenbach GT, a nice little muscle car to save in your garage. JD has a place of work for you as well.
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