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Snappy Dresser

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Momma's Boy

Toni gets the shit chewed out of him by his mother, the reason being he never called her whilst laying low. She goes onto a speech of an acclaimed butcher in Chinatown - Giovanni Casa. Toni knows he's a pervert, but his Momma doesn't believe him. It is your job to prove how much of a perv he really is.

Biting a Snake on the Ass

Head to your safehouse to pick up a Camera before heading to Casa's Deli in Chinatown. Your job for now is to tail him like a lion to its prey. He will stop at the Chinatown Plaza to pick up two hookers before tailing him to the wooded area at Callahan Point. Gio certainly has a fetish of diapers, so take a pic of him perfectly, not getting too close, of him chasing the hookers. You get a cutscene once you've got a decent picture. Take it back to the Restaurant to watch Toni getting shit chewed out of him, again.

Reward: $100


This will be one of the very few times you will have a Camera in your weapons inventory.
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