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No Money?

Vincenzo has a dealer in Chinatown that hasn't brought him any money, so he's either slacking or snipping full percentage of the product's money he's making. He is holed up at the park facing the housing roofs in Saint Mark's, across from Salvatore's. You tell him you and him are going down to his intended destination - Chinatown.

To Chinatown!

While you drive down there, the dealer says he's gonna get his head chopped off by the Sindaccos. But you don't listen to any shit he says and you just haul his ass down there.

Reward: $100


Time to reintroduce you to the families. You know what your family looks like, but now the others. The Triads are more Chinese they use to be, and they still walk Chinatown in blue dragon jumpsuits. The Diablos stalk in the small Hepburn Heights area, but there's a new gang in town - the Sindaccos. These dudes hang around the Red Light District wearing leather jackets and regularly talking about their boss, Paulie Sindacco.
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