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Overdose of Trouble

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Popped One Too Many

You walk in on Maria, absolutely high on Dutch "reds" before realising one thing - she's OD'd. She needs a "zap", something Toni hasn't really came across, and there's some available from Callahan Point for her.

Running Across Town

Get a car and bring it to Maria (she can't even walk a few yards) and go to the store. Maria has put you right into the heart of the nest - Wayne's friends are hanging around here. You then have to get to the dumpsters in Hepburn Heights with these asswipes on your tail. The trash has been taken, and she remembers one back at the apartment (she's had you running across town from something under her nose). Get her to Sal's, where you get a bitchy beating from Maria.

Reward: Nothing


Maria's missions have been completed. You will unlock the Goodfella Outfit.
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