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What Comes Around Goes Around

Father Ned thinks the Lord is displeased with the vehicles in LC "pumping the devil's bum gas into the kids' lungs". You need to cause an almighty ruckus on the road to show some people what the Lord is all about.

The Lord's Dirty Work...Act 3

Get to the Firetruck at the Fire Station just near Hogs N Cogs in Aspratia. You have to cause enough of a ruckus to get people's attention and to complete the mission. You do so with dismounting bikers, spinning out, hitting, sinking and destroying vehicles and pedestrian takedowns. The cops will go after you, and for once they are a good way to cause enough of a ruckus. You pass the mission as soon as the meter on your screen reaches full.

Reward: $1500


This mission is replayable as a side mission accessed in one of the Firetrucks at Aspatria.
online Seeenactivity 3534 Days Ago
This is one of my favorite missions in any GTA game.
online DANNY B0Yactivity 3487 Days Ago
Mine too.
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