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Booby Prize

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Why Did She Do That?

Toni reads a sugary love letter left by Maria. It tells him that she's put herself up for 1st place in a street race, and that Sal could kill you unless you enter the race and win. It's on motorbikes.

Time To Race...Again

Get the PCJ600 from Sal's mansion if you don't already have one, and get to the start line. Be careful on this - you can easily forget you're on motorbikes and you could wipe yourself out trying the same thing to your rival. It's two laps, so you can have only little consolation if you don't come first at the first line-cross. Once you do come first, Maria goes off with a biker boy, Wayne.

Reward: Nothing


You have unlocked Motorbike Street Racing. There's a payphone offering it in Chinatown.
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