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Blow Up 'Dolls'

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Teaching a Lesson

JD has an idea of how to retaliate after what the Sindaccos tried to do to the Leone casino. They have a casino called The Dolls House. But not only is it a casino, it is also a brothel thus making it a moneymaker. You need the right equipment to take it out.

Testing Fireworks...

You need to make your chosen car less conspicuous, and their is a Sindacco Argento just parked near you. Take it to the Bomb Shop in Harwood to get it fitted before heading over to the casino. If done right, the Sindaccos don't suspect a thing and think you're "a new guy". Park it in the garage, get away from it as possible before operating the bomb's control, and watching it go in flames.

Reward: $1500


JD's last mission for a while. Also note that the casino's ruins sports a Molotov Cocktail spawning point, a Hidden Package and a Unique Stunt Jump.
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