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The guy you killed before was only the boss of the organization. The rest of the guys are still running it. McReary wants you to take out the lieutenant who's in charge of things now. He promises this is the last task he has for you.

He's hidden a sniper rifle in the trunk of a car, so make your way to it and grab the ammunition. Once you get into the car, you'll be told to make your way to the dealer's apartment off Denver Avenue. Head there now. It's only a few blocks away.

Get In Position

Pull up in the mission objective marker and Niko will call McReary. He'll tell you he's in his apartment on the fourth floor and on the East side of the street. Head inside the apartment opposite his and make your way up to the roof. Once you reach the roof, you'll notice that he isn't standing by the window.


There are a number of ways you can get the gang member to come to his window...

CHOICE 1: Call Him

His phone displays his number on it. Zoom in with your scope to read it, or just whip out your cell phone and call the guy on 545-555-0122. This will bring him to his phone, right in line with your crosshair. Hang up the phone and then shoot the dude in the head.

CHOICE 2: Satellite Problems

Fire a shot at the satellite dish on the side of his building, right outside his window, and this will stop his TV from working. He'll go over to check it out leaving you with the perfect opportunity to cap him.

CHOICE 3: Watching Static

You can alternatively fire off a shot at the TV, which will make it explode. Once again, he'll go over to it and have a look, leaving him open to a shot from you.

The Choice Is Made

Once he's dead, you'll need to escape the rooftop, so head back downstairs and move outside.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $5000


Mission Tips

  • Instead of walking all of the way down the stairs to escape, you can jump down onto a few of the rooftops nearby.
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these kinds of choices are what the next game should really expand on.
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