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Block Police from the Schottler Medical Center

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On the first island you start the game on there is a medical center called Schottler Medical Center. This hospital has an interior. But since the doors slide open when you come near it you can drive a car up the entrance steps. It may take a little bit of trying but it's not bad at all I think. So what I'm saying is get a vehicle, not too tall, and drive it up the steps. Once you're inside the hospital turn your car sideways to cover the doorway. When you get out you will get out through the left door so that's why I said make sure that the car is not too high to where you can't jump over it. Once you jump over, you're now safe from the cops entering in and you now can have anarchy in the hospital. The cops will shoot you in the hospital through the doorway so if you're not cheating you can refuel yourself by drinking Sprunk in the lobby. The game will remember your car being there so despite you going out of sight of your vehicle it won't spawn away.
online RamzKillaactivity 3578 Days Ago
LOL My 4 year old cousin does this every fucking time he plays. Like why you killing the innocent people in the hospital? "They are sick and gunna die anyway." AHAHAHAh hes twisted...
online DANNY B0Yactivity 3576 Days Ago
I guess the mood does take you, RamzMan.
online Seeenactivity 3572 Days Ago
Why block them? Luring all those unsuspecting cops into that long hallway in the back is the best way to stock up on sweet ammo. Especially when you've started a new game and you have no moniez.
online GTA5activity 3358 Days Ago
ehhhhhh.......... kill the cops anyway
online GTA5activity 3337 Days Ago

ehhhhhh.......... kill the cops anyway
use a rocket
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