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Catalina has double crossed you again, but this time you'll make her pay. You need to escape the Cartel mansion.

I Will Have My Vengeance

Grab the pistol which has just been dropped by the guy you punched in the cutscene, then run to the open garage and grab the body armour. Get in the Cartel Cruiser and use it to run over any more Cartel who are alive. Grab their weapons, then head out of the gate. You'll see a cutscene where a helicopter will fly overhead towards the dam. Head to the right, and go across the bridge towards the police station. Head around behind and fill up your health and armour, as well as buying some flamethrower and molotov cocktail ammo. Head along the top of the dam, and then go down and around until you are at the entrance to the lower dam. Smash into the two Cartel Cruisers blocking the entrance and kill the two Cartel guards. Grab their AK-47's and proceed down the hill. To your right you'll find a Sniper Rifle which comes in useful for picking off the Cartel situated in the watch towers to the right. Move in towards the main entrance to the lower dam and ram the truck out of the way, trying to kill the people down there with your vehicle. If needs be, get out of your car and use your guns to kill the people on top of the crates. Shooting the red barrels is also a good way of disposing of enemies. Work your way along, killing everyone you see and eventually you'll see another cutscene where Catalina flies away in the helicopter. Move fast! She'll launch a barrage of rockets at the dam which will pretty much instantly kill you. Run like hell to the stairs leading up to the helipad and try to kill the other guards down there. As you go up the stairs you'll be attacked by a few more Cartel, one with a flamethrower so kill them quickly, but watch out for Maria, then run to the Rocket Launcher. Catalina will be in the air by now, but she will fly back towards you and launch rockets. Fire your Rocket at the helicopter and watch the explosion. Head back over towards Maria, and kill any remaining Cartel. Move close to Maria and you'll complete the mission and the game.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

That's all of the main story missions complete and the end of GTA3. If you're going for 100% you've still got a lot to do though, because this doesn't even account for half of the game!
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How the hell you have time to grab health/armor from the police station is beyond me.

I fill up health and armor before this mission and park a fast car outside the gate (on the grass) facing left. After the cutscene I use the dropped pistol to kill the two guards by the gate and run out to the car. Usually don't lose half my armor.

I speed left, up and around that way to the dam entrance. I drive by the first blockade somewhat slow so the Cartel guards run out and then run them over. I grab their guns and one of the trucks and head to the dam. After grabbing the sniper I ram the next blockade and usually end up bailing next to the first ramp on the left (truck catches fire from the gun shots). I take out the nearby guards with the AK and snipe the high ones plus ones ahead. You get an M16 after the second blockade which can make quick work of the charging Barracks OL truck later on. Then just need to clean up the last few at the end of the main area. The destroyed Barracks serves as cover if needed and there's health near the middle/end of the area.

An AK makes quick work of the 3 Cartel on the roof (two guarding Maria and one on the left) and then there's the last issue of blowing up the helicopter which can eat time if you miss it and have to wait for it to circle back around.


And if you wanna make things a hell of a lot easier for the mission, acquire a Rhino tank and park it directly across from the dam entrance. Speed around to the left from the mansion as I stated and use the tank to get through the enemies at the dam. Sometimes it shoots at the high enemies too. You'll beat the mission with like 3 minutes left. thumbup.gif
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If you've completed the hidden packages (or at least groups of 10 of them), you can head down the hill to your hideout in Cedar Grove and pick up weapons, ammo and armour. Including health if you've done Paramedic missions and a Rocket Launcher if you've got all 100 packages. Makes the mission pretty easy as you can take down Catalina before you get half way along the dam, and use rockets or M16 to kill the enemies from a distance.
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