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Dead Skunk In The Trunk

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Joey wants you to dispose of a vehicle containing a nasty mess with a Forelli in the trunk.

A Nice Mess

Drive to Greasy Joe's cafe under the Callahan Bridge. You will see the Manana which you are informed to get in, however you will also notice the Sentinel in the car park with a person in. I'd suggest destroying this Sentinel first as they know you're coming for the car and will give you hell as you try to escape. there is another sentinel waiting in the tunnel under the bridge which should be destroyed too. You can then get in the Manana and drive it to Harwood at the other end of the island and park it under the car crusher without any trouble. If you don't take out the two cars, they'll be on your tail all of the way there. Move away from the vehicle and it will be picked up and eventually crushed resulting in mission completion.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Smash the trunk off of the Manana to see what's in there. A nice lump of dead meat.
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