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Salvatore is talking business with the main Mafia members and wants you to look after his girl, Maria.


Drive down the hills of Saint Marks and to the waterfront near the train station in China Town where you'll meet up with Chico. Maria will buy some drugs then ask you to take her to a party at Atlantic Quays. Drive her there and park outside. Wait for her to have some fun, then get ready to drive away as the SWAT team has been called in. Wait for Maria to come out of the warehouse, then get her in the car and get back to Salvatore's Mansion before the cops destroy your wheels.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Chico is fire proof. Try to burn him and he'll bounce out of the way. You can make him bounce straight into the water. Rather amusing.
Toni Cipriani has been unlocked as a new crime boss.
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