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Vinnie tells you that the Mafia need you to collect some protection money from Trenton.

They Don't Take Kindly To Strangers

Make your way South to the first package which is resting in the middle of an alley way. Grab it, then proceed towards the next package which is South West.

Once you get close to the package, two enemies will come at you with bats. Run away, turn around and dispose of them, then grab the money.

The next and final package is slightly North East. Once you arrive, you'll see a Hood gang member run off with the package because they were expecting Freddy. Kill him and grab the package. A number of his fellow gang members will swarm you, but you can just run away, grab a vehicle and make your way back to the pink blip on the map to the North, which is the Mafia's restaurant.

Mission Passed!
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