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Bang Bang

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Tony is planning to blow up some stuff for Rocco because Rocc's threatening to burn down his clubs for the insurance. Luis won't let him and ends up knocking him out to stop him. Luis takes the case of sticky bombs.

Sticky Bombs

Grab a vehicle and make your way a few blocks away to the crane. Approach the crane and throw three sticky bombs to the bottom of it. Once that's done, move away and push the down button on your D-Pad to detonate the bombs.

Next you need to chase after a train and plant bombs on that. You can drive-by with the bombs by pressing the aim button when you have the bombs selected. You can switch drive-by weapons by pressing X.

After a bomb is stuck to the train, drive away and detonate. Once the explosion has died down, you need to get to the airport and blow up a plane.

Make your way into the airport, then run up to the plane and stick a bomb on it. Detonate it as it starts to pull away. You'll then be left with a four star wanted level which you need to lose. Grab your vehicle and make your way out of the airport. Speed down the streets until you get out of the police wanted radius.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2500

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 05:00
  • Player Damage: 50%
  • No Bombs Wasted

Mission 100% Completion Tips

The most difficult part of this mission is the time limit but you can make quick work with good throws. When throwing the sticky bombs, make sure you don't miss. You only need three on the crane which can be thrown from outside the barrades next to your car. When reaching the train tracks, you need decent speed to make sure you don't flip the car. Keep driving slowly until the train approaches. Get really close to the train so that when you drive-by, the bomb doesn't miss. Stop and detonate it (away from you) and drive off the tracks where the fence is missing. The jet is pretty easy to hit with the bombs. You can tail-slide your car right up to the plane and detonate while speeding back out. Then it's just a case of losing the cops as quick as you can to complete the mission within the time limit. You may be able to go back out the gated entrance, drive across the parking lot, and into the woods off to the left without being seen to make the time.
online GTA Wikiactivity 3157 Days Ago
to get the "no bombs wasted" objective, you can only use 5 sticky bombs: throw 3 on the crane, then you only need to put 1 on each the train and the plane
online Vicktacularactivity 3155 Days Ago
You cannot use a taxi in any mission to get 100% which I think is stupid, but whatever, I just ran through and got 5:35, ugh.
online Psyactivity 3155 Days Ago
I made it with 2 seconds to spare using the Buzzard. There's a video on YouTube / our site for it to see how I did it.
online Vicktacularactivity 3154 Days Ago
Never would have thought of that. Maybe you guys should put a link to the videos in the 100% completion tips, especially because the videos are not labeled in the video section.
online TreeFittyactivity 3154 Days Ago
on that note there should be links in the guides to the videos or even embed them in the guide.
online Psyactivity 3154 Days Ago
They will be embedded once I finish going through all of the missions and filming speed runs. I've got 3 left to do, so it'll be the weekend probably.
online Vicktacularactivity 3153 Days Ago
Psy, thank you. I stumbled upon this website in an attempt to find some help for 100% completion. I appreciate all of your hard work in putting up all of these guides and videos. Much appreciation dude.
online ThomasHactivity 3065 Days Ago
I'm getting so SICK of this fucking mission, the time limit is KILLING.
Got like 15 SECONDS late, and just now 56 SECONDS, OH MY GOD!
online FordGT90Conceptactivity 2966 Days Ago
I found a way to do it via car but you really can't make any major mistakes along the way. You need access to Henrique car delivery and specifically, the delivery of the Bullet GT (the Ferrari might work too):
  1. Save the game. You need access to Henrique every time you attempt this. If you fail and start the mission again, he won't be available until the next day. For the sake of time, load this save so you have immediate access to him again.
  2. Start the mission and get in the turquoise colored Buffalo. The moment he gets in the car, start driving forward. As you are driving forward, call up Henrique and tell him to deliver the Bullet GT. You should be done with the menus before reaching the four lane highway where you need to turn to face directly at the construction site.
  3. As you approach the construction site, you should see a car parked to the left of the pathway into it with a little bit a concrete barrier between the car and the hole in the barricades. You want to hit that to stop your car dead. If the call to Henrique hasn't ended yet, end it by scrolling down on the mouse wheel (not sure how to do this on console).
  4. Get out of the car, sprint to the crane, throw 3 bombs on it, turn around, and make a mad dash for the Bullet GT Henrique should have placed close to you. After you open the door to the GT, detonate the bombs.
  5. Your objective now is to get to the other side of the construction site. I go west one block, north one block, and east one block taking a left (heading north) here. You should now be facing the tunnel where the next objective is. At some point during this long stretch, you may want to tap the attack key to break out the glass.
  6. Drive like a bat out of hell until you reach the tunnel, you want a relatively slow, controlled jump here. You will probably land on the left side, gun it, drop a bomb (hit attack, don't hold it), get over to the right track, then detonate the bomb. If you didn't get a sequence of the train blowing up, load that save you created earlier. If you did, gun it after the sequence to just after the train station. With very little speed, go through the hole. If you get lucky (3/4 times for me) you'll hit the ground facing the tunnel/construction site. Gun it.
  7. You'll want to follow the suggested waypoint path for this next segment. It will take you next to Middle Park, through Star Junction, across the bridge, all of the way to the airport. Do your best to keep it floored and not hit any vehicles on the way.
  8. Once you arrive at the airport, go through the first gate, then the second gate. Not long after getting through the second gate, hold down the attack key to get leverage behind your next bomb. You are going to drive around the aircraft counter clockwise throwing the bomb whenever your door is pointing at the aircraft. Once you around the aircraft and far enough away to not get blown up, detonate it. All that leaves is the 5-0.
  9. Retrace your steps out of the airport following the main highway you came on (you'll be going against the traffic but every time I did this, there was no traffic). I always switch to the right side of the highway and go up the exit ramp. Hopefully, you are now sitting outside of the police's detection range so all you have to do is play cat and mouse to not be seen by the comps until your stars clear. If you are seen, you might as well start over. If you lost the cops, you probably got the checkmark for time.

I finished it in 4:56 and my run wasn't perfect (had one or two minor collisions with other cars, Henrique was still in the car when I ran up to it, and there were areas where I could have gone faster). I think this route is considerably easier (although everything must come together right) than using the Buzzard.

I hope this helps someone.
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