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The house of commons is trying to pass a bill to have one las vegas style casino
in every major city in england, The mirage MGM the biggest casino company
IN THE WORLD will get 10% of the income from britain. and ceasars palace will be making a casino and a hotel complex next to the new wembly stadium
hmmmmmm ...............interesting lets gamble tongue.gif
i hope it does pass through, it could attract more tourists...
LOL It's going to be like Vegas
I heard they wanted to make Blackpool the Vegas or England, it all shite theres only one vegas and that in American if you wanna see it go there, i think the casinos we have not are alright.
Lmao blackpool a vegas. I think it would be dumb having big casinos its not america
Shady Palms
Now you have to think why would the government encourage casinos to be built when they are also trying to cut back peoples spending? oh thats right, they want more money for useless shit like putting up new speed cameras that dont actually save lifes, infact road deaths in areas with them have increased. I think the government sucks and i would love this idea if i thought it wasnt just another plan so they can all buy new jags.
i new they were planning to pass a law which would make big casnios legal

could be fun to do once in a while
When they say they wanna make it the vegas of england they dont mean to COPY the exact structures and try to be a rip off. what they mean is its going to be the gambling capital of england, much like southend has held its own for the past howmany years
Capo di tutti capi
i remember riding a push bike to the casino in blackpool from ansdell,
then hiding it behind a hotel a few streets away with my trainers and
coat in a bag,then walking to the casino and make it look like i had
driven there,HAHA the things we do when young.
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