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Dirty Red
Lol this whole time i was Knocc Out, you guys took away my posting privlages years ago and was suspended till 2011 which was far away back then

so i made this account & roamed in secrecy, lol

did i mention dis forum is dead now? lol

Not completely dead. Well, not until after I post this.
If Psy comes back and updates this site it should pick up a little. That and a new game dropping but that's years down the road.
lol I remember this forum used to be the shit back in the San Andreas days. I was to young to even be on the forum. I was 12 and you had to be 13. And I got banned lmao. I jokingly said I was 12, and I was. But the mods had no proof of this. But they decided to ban me. Well this one mod he was called stanbush or something likethat. He was looking for any old excuse to ban me. Haters lol. This was one of the best forums in the world at the time.
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