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Full Version: I used to post in this forum, about 7 years ago... Forums > General > General Discussion
Screw Loose
..... but then i took an arrow to the knee.

That, and i went into middle school and got a fucking life chasing skirt, slammin natty's and bein bro. And played football.

so here, heres a video of an extremely failed MMA weigh-in staredown.

Welcome back stranger. smile.gif Too bad that you are polite, TF is desperately looking for excuses to add more guys to the Princess group....

The left fighter is a douchebag.

Psy launched a new GTA5 forum, that's where you'll find the other people. You can find a link to there on the main page here.
Only TF and I are active here on a daily basis. TF out of Admin power intoxication, I out of stubbornness.
I remember you. Stop being bro. Bros are fags. You can fuck bitches without being a douche and drinking cheap, shitty beer.
But only douches drink cheap shitty beer, which is only marginally better than expensive shitty beer.
There is such a thing as non-shitty beer. Guinness is the only example that comes to mind, though.
ya but Guiness ain't cheap.
Cool Story

I also posted here back in the day. That is all.
Hello aussie!

I have scared away all the chickens, you might find some of your old mates at the new forum, the address is

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