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doh (12).gif After the fall of the Soviet Union, why do we continue to be a commie country? The ongoing butter crisis is a tragicomic reminder that we should not have the right to govern our own country. Social democrats have always, and is, commies in disguise. But we don't know it, or do we elect them because we are idiots? We are idiots either way.
I can't say that our democracy failed, it is WE, the people, that failed. I guess it's in our genes, most of the smart people left the country 200 years ago. I'm no social democrat, I believe I'm not far from the American Tea Party. But enough ranting, now I'll get back on topic which is butter.

Our government is letting the monopolist collective dairy Tine regulate the market, and this has resulted in a shortage of butter. There are NO butter in most grocery stores.

Earlier I had no sources on this in English language, but now this shortage is getting world-wide attention. I found this article on, it is spot-on. It's also a funny (satirical) piece, so read it.

You’ll have seen the news about the Great Norwegian Butter Famine going on. But you might not have quite understood the entire lunacy of what is actually happening.

Firstly, yes, it is really true that in a modern, advanced, nation, one that regularly appears at the top of various studies about the best places to live, has an actual physical shortage of a basic foodstuff. They’re gargantually rich with oil, have some of the highest incomes in the world, regularly top the charts as being one of the most right on, socially democratic, lots of good government places and yet they cannot actually manage to keep butter on the supermarket shelves.

Read more: The Great Norwegian Butter Famine

Lol, butter crisis.
^so short but sweet. roll2.gif
QUOTE (TreeFitty @ Dec 17 2011, 02:38 AM) *
^so short but sweet. roll2.gif


What shall I use as lube now? Bread needs butter as lubricant.
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