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Some time ago it was PSN, now Steam suffers the same.

Valve: Steam Hacked, User Database Compromised

Following an intrusion on the Steam forums last weekend, Valve has since discovered that the breach runs deeper. Attackers gained access to a Steam database separate from the forums, which houses “user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information.”

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I never liked the Steam concept, because it demands that you register and connect to their servers. And they collect personal information, that are now stolen. Luckily I don't have a Steam account yet.

This news article at also mention some hacking of Steam message boards.
Valve: Hackers Accessed Steam Users’ Encrypted Passwords, Credit Cards
There are over 35 million registered accounts on Steam, which allows users to buy games, maintain friends lists and play against one another. Earlier this week, Valve took down Steam’s forums for what it said was “maintenance.” On Monday, some users reported that the message board had been hacked and flooded with advertisements for a group called FknOwned.

Why can't the low-life scumbag hackers do something useful and hack nuclear projects in Iran or the Chinese government?
Because they'd rather be a nuisance than use their skills for something that will make a difference. There are no lulz to be had in benefiting humanity. Plus, networks dealing with nuclear weapons are probably a bitch to hack...
QUOTE (Massacre @ Nov 14 2011, 04:48 AM) *
Plus, networks dealing with nuclear weapons are probably a bitch to hack...

Iran's nukes are delayed because someone managed to get a worm inside their network a couple years ago. Pentagon has been hacked too. Norwegian military in Afghanistan was hacked not too long ago.

Real hackers often go for difficult and important targets. But of course, they might not get many credit card numbers by hacking a reactor. These fags probably just needed some money to buy a new Nintendo and meth.
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