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This topic is for stories about things witnessed in the game. It can be something weird that happened, or a story about a big stunt, glitch or whatever that doesn't fit so well in the similar topic for funny quotes and funny episodes.

I freaking died inside Loco Low Co while selecting color for my car!!! ohmy.gif

I had a Tornado and went to Loco Low to mod it more. Sometimes the car will move when I press the buttons, and the radio station will change when I use the D-pad. I pressed X and held it down for a moment. The car drove forward, out of view. I could no longer hear the motor, it was no longer inside the garage. I felt the gamepad vibrate as if the car had hit something.

These messages popped up:

Distance: 77.92m. Height: 0.0m. Flips: 1. Rotation: 554 degrees.

Distance: 21.10m. Height: 2.18m. Flips: 1. Rotation: 418 degrees.


- And there was a cut scene showing the car in free fall from the skies, burning. blink.gif

I have done stunts inside a mod garage one or two times before, but this is the first time I die there. The Tornado was not damaged before it happened, so it could not have started burning without being upside down somewhere.

I was taken to All Saints General Hospital (in Market, LS). If I had died in eastern Willowfield where Loco Low is, I should have been taken to the hospital in East Los Santos. So the game must have taken me very far from Loco Low before I died. huh.gif
I've just resumed playing after the above happened (I paused when I died). A few things worries me.

1) There are no cars in the streets! Not one single driving vehicle in Los Santos. I've walked around the hospital area for a few minutes and found a couple parked cars.
There are normal numbers of pedestrians on sidewalks.

2) When I press the L1 button (PS2 gamepad), I do not get CJ's stats. Something must be wrong. But the L1 button still works for answering phone calls (Denise calls every few minutes grrr).

3) The circle shaped radar is gone.

It must be a bug or glitch I'm having. Have anyone heard about any of this before?

UPDATE: Error 2 and 3 is fixed. I entered a house and after I exited the house, the stat view and the radar are working again.

The city is quiet and boring with no traffic, but it is also nice for stunt driving. I picked up an Infernus in one of my garages and had fun driving it at full speed in the empty streets. Gosh it is fast! But all those lamp posts on corners... many of them are a pest!
I recruited a GSF member just to hear some funny complaints about me flying the car. But I flew too far and landed in the ocean east of Las Colinas. A couple times I tried flying on the most northern city street that goes west-east (where there is a police bribe in the air). It went really well, but the last time I used the nitro and I could not stop before I hit the water. I can't get another Infernus, I know of no cheat codes to spawn one! mad.gif So I spawned a Hotring Racer, but it's not as good.

I drove a Cabbie and aimed straight on to a meeting car. I jumped and bounced on his roof, then landed behind him. I hear some swearing and stop. I have pissed off that criminal dude with long brown hair. I wait in my car for him to pull me out, I fear nothing and see this as the fun part.

He pull me out on the street. I try to get up and point my MP5 at him, but I can't do it quick enough, CJ barely get on his feet but he knocks CJ back down. And before CJ can get up, he trample on CJ, in the groin so CJ bounces backwards like if he was made of rubber. And he tramples on CJ's groin again and again, and for each time CJ bounces back and can not get up on his feet. The way CJ bounces when he get his balls trampled on, and how furious he sound when he talk, makes me laugh so hard I have to wipe a few tears. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif It was too comical.
This un-armed sucker WASTED me before I could attack a single time. I think I have never lost against an un-armed foe before. And I really tried to get up and fight back, but he kept CJ down for a long time, long enough to waste him. It sucks that CJ can't shoot while he's lying on the ground lol.

By the way, I was killed in a car mod shop again (as described in post 1), this time inside Trans Fender. I think it is when I select color for a two-colored car that I sometimes can drive out of view and do stunts. After some moments, I tried to get out of the car to avoid getting killed, but I didn't get far enough away and died right next to the explosion.

Also this time all traffic disappeared from the streets, but the traffic came back after I was busted.
Balla attack Balla

One of the criminal guys are waiting on a green light, a Balla dude (from now Balla #1) don't stop in time and slightly bumps into the criminal's car. Balla #1 get angry, exit his Tahoma and start shooting at the criminal's car with a 9mm. The criminal floor it and get the hell outta there. Balla #1 return to his Tahoma, only to find that his former passenger, Balla #2 has taken over the driver's seat. Balla #1 pull out Balla #2 from the driver's seat and get in. Balla #2 don't like that and jacks the car and drive away. Balla #1 start shooting at his own car and run after it, shooting more. The car thief get away.


I was driving a Flash and had stopped on the sidewalk outside the Pay'n Spray in Temple.
A harlot asks me if I want a good time, and of course do I want a good time. The harlot take
seat, and I park in the narrow space between Pay'n Spray and the building on the left. The
woman exit the car as soon as I have parked and run away. I think "WTF" and reverse out
to the street in hope to get a new offer, I still want a "good time", whatever that is!

I see where my woman is, she is bying drugs. I am surprised, I thought I was all that she
needed! But, when she is done buying drugs, she turn to my car and sit in on the passenger
side. biggrin.gif

But she has no intentions to be my passenger, she kick me out and drive off!!! I be so very
very disappointed. sad.gif

I have lost my Flash that I had been looking for for a long time before I found it.

Taxi trip

I drove a Sentinel from Rodeo north through Richman (scenic route along the river), full speed,
jumped from the crest and landed just behind a Taxi. I didn't slow down so I crashed violently
into his rear and sent him high up in the air, make some flips and rolls before he stopped with
the wheels pointing down, engine emitting black smoke, and he started to drive again.

I though this was an unusually forgiving taxi driver, so I bumped into him a few times. But this
was too much even for him, and he exited the Taxi with golf club in hand. I wondered how far
would he follow me, and I drove slowly north to the intersection west of Dillimore where the hot
dog wagon is. I stopped there so he could pull me out and he started beating me, and he said
some funny things and I laughed so I could not fight. He beat the crap out of me, until I have to
stop it and I point a gun at him. He backs off, walk a little back and forth, saying he must to get
back to the taxi (it is left behind a mile from here). He walks a circle around my Sentinel and
decide to take it.

I think I should follow him, and I let him work as my driver, though I have no control on where
he drives. I sit on the roof as he drives around some minutes, and now I can hear things that taxi
drivers say that I never heard before, and I have played this game hundreds of hours. One funny
thing he says now and then while driving, is "I wonder if I'll make it to the Gasso station", or
something similar. lol.
He is using all my Nitrous, if he only knew that it's not at Gasso one buy Nitrous. tongue.gif They will
activate Nitrous as often as they can, but they do not use the extra power. Total waste.

After driving a few minutes between Rodeo, Blueberry, Dillimore and Vinewood, he decide to call
it the day and park outside Tosser in Dillimore. I see a cop walking by and wonder if I'll get
in trouble for stealing my own car, but he doesn't seem to think I'm stealing it.
I used a Tractor and "hijacked" a Police car without them realizing they were hijacked. I parked them, used the silenced 9mm to shoot out all four tires on the cop car. Then I hauled them downtown, released the cop car and followed them. Even with no traction, it was a bit hard for the Tractor to follow them, so I stole a car to keep up.
I got a wanted level, but the cop car with all their tires shot out, did not bother about me because this was after they had dealt with a hit-and-run, and after that they have dealt with someone else, they will never go after CJ. Various other cop vehicles followed me, but the one star disappeared after a short while and I continued to follow and observe the Police car, they are quite good at driving on the rims! Occasionally NPC drivers would bump into them and they were all killed by the cop that never cared about CJ's crimes.

Now to the interesting incident: The cop car meets a criminal driver and there is a firefight. The criminal win and get back in his car and drive off. A taxi driver (the one in green outfit) get out of his taxi and open fire with a 9mm at the other criminal. As the first criminal drive off, the taxi driver run after, but have to give up and is returning to his taxi.

I can't remember seeing this before, that a criminal (not gang member) get involved as some sort of "vigilante". I don't remember who the first criminal was.
Nigga in orange outfit is rude with CJ, CJ is rude back. Nigga wanna fight. I let CJ waste him, it
only takes so many punches. The medic crew comes to his aid (of course not without running
over and killing another ped). They save the angry nigga (and doesn't care about the man they
ran over).
It stroke me as funny that the nigga has not forgot the insult, the first thing he does in his
second life is to attack CJ. He remembered!
During a Burglar session in Jefferson, I drove over a drug dealer. The drug dealer got on his feet again, got crazy and ran away shooting in the air. A couple of Ballas on the other side of the street didn't like that so they started to shoot against the dealer, one of the Balla guys had a MAC. The problem was that a police car was in the line of fire, so the cops got out of the car, but because one of the doors was blocked by second car, one cop spawned on the roof of the second car (always looks funny laugh.gif ).
The car with a shooting cop on its roof drove slowly away and stopped in a wall. The cops and the Ballas continued to shoot at each other, as the drug dealer fleed in my direction.

However this street was the border between Ballas and Grove territory (Glen Park), so soon three GSF members arrived and joined the shootout and attacked the police, unknowingly helping the Ballas.
When the two above mentioned cops were dead, the shooting stopped. The two gangs did not fight. The Ballas who just killed the cops then saw me (in the Boxville), and meelee attacked my van. All the GSF members did, was to taunt the Ballas, no action.

A new cop on foot at the other side of the street and a bit away from us, fired a couple rounds at something or someone (not in my direction, and I don't know why). The cop started to run after whatever it was, and the Ballas forgot about me and ran after the cop. I didn't follow them, and neither did the three GSF members.

It's fun to see NPC's live their lives, and gang members behave differently (less aggressive towards rival gangs) when CJ is on a burglar mission.
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