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This is a tribute and due respect to Gaddafi, ruler of Libya through four decades. Today assassinated by NATO aided criminals.

Now you may wonder why I side with Gaddafi, how did he win my sympathy? The answer is; it was not so much him winning my support as NATO losing my support. Gaddafi was a tyrant, but he was the real thing. NATO on the other hand, is an organization of deception and falseness. They said they would not go after Gaddafi himself, and they did of course not have the mandate to do so, it would most likely be illegal and certainly dishonorable. Attacking the leader of the enemy is something I think even Hitler didn't do.

In the choice between false good guys and obvious bad guys, I have always preferred the latter.

And I think NATO would not have attacked Libya if it was not because some Presidents and Prime Ministers in the West had a grudge against Gaddafi. It was partly a personal matter, "protecting civilians" was not the real reason. And Libya is the country in Africa with the largest oil reserves, it must be tempting to help our oil companies make a profit there.

Syria isn't better than Libya was, but their leader does not bear the name Gaddafi, and Syria has only population and little resources. They are not as popular as target as Libya was. But the leaders of France, UK, Norway and other NATO countries are false cowards who pick easy/popular targets.

This is why I have lost faith in NATO and why I was against the whole operation. It's just another mistake in a series of mistakes. I'm starting to have second thoughts about the latest operation in Iraq, and I'm definately against what NATO did in former Yugoslavia.

Nato I don't want you any more, you've lost one of your staunch supporters. F*** off.

Err, there was a warrant out for his arrest by the Hague and it was his own people who lynched him (NATO would have put him on trial).
QUOTE (0bs3n3 @ Oct 25 2011, 01:37 PM) *
Err, there was a warrant out for his arrest by the Hague and it was his own people who lynched him (NATO would have put him on trial).

I don't deny that. He was wanted and he was murdered by his own people. But NATO bombs wounded him and could easily have killed him. NATO would wish him on trial, but I also believe they would wish him killed when they could not possibly capture him.

Well done, NATO cowards. Now I want to see you do something in Syria, Iran and China. dry.gif

QUOTE (TrIgGeR HaPpY @ Nov 2 2011, 11:49 PM) *

Thank you I enjoyed that. I think many of the statements made in the video are plausible, but some of the statements are unlikely to be true. For instance, I doubt the Rothschilds owns THAT much of the world's wealth.
Most western governments may be corrupt as it suggests, but I think Qaddafi was corrupt too.

They/we owe Qaddafi a pyramid to rest in.
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