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This thread is for translating/explaining things said in the game. A dictionary isn't always very helpful, if I can't spell what I heard, or it maybe is a phrase that is difficult to understand. Regular English is hard enough sometimes, but gang language can be very difficult to understand for foreigners.

I have often heard the homies say something strange during car chases with a 3-star or more wanted level. But I could not make out what they said, until Ryder said the exact same thing once, and thanks to the sub-text I could understand what words he said, but I still don't know what it means. So what does "one-time" mean in this context? They say something similar as "Dude, we've got a one-time!" One time? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

This is why only Americans and Brits should play GTA.
QUOTE (TreeFitty @ Oct 12 2011, 08:05 PM) *

So it means the police. Thanks.

one time
The police. So called because you look one time at them, as doing a double-take might attract attention.

one time
The cops. It's correct that it means looking more than once can draw attention. But the actual phrase comes from someone saying "one time" to let the other passengers or friends know that they have now seen the cops and are claiming the first look, and no one else should now turn around because two or more people looking increase your odds of being stopped by more than 50%.

One Time
Police. See #1. You look at them one time. If you double take or look too long you might attract their attention. In doing so, with a cop with nothing better to do and if in their minds they suspect an ounce of fishy shit going on with you, expect to get followed for a bit so they can check your plates, pull you over and/or get talked to to see what's up with you.

But... when we already have an elevated wanted level, I think it's a bit late for any attempts to not attract attention. XD.png

QUOTE (Massacre @ Oct 13 2011, 01:36 AM) *
This is why only Americans and Brits should play GTA.

I actually lol'd.
Right, but like it says, one-time doesn't mean to only look once, it's just a name for the police that comes from the fact that you're only supposed to look once.
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