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CJ just woke up outside a hospital. The first thing that happens is a man with light colored shirt and grey hair say something about how CJ stinks. What happens then is I give a negative replay and CJ replies something moderately rude. The man gets angry and says "You have forced me into action". laugh.gif I just laugh and do nothing, CJ have every health stat on max, plus 100% fat, so the hits aren't hurting much. The next thing he says, is "Violence is last resort". roll2.gif
It took him a few minutes to waste CJ, but it was fun so I let him do it.

Next time CJ wakes up, two more people complain about how he smells. XD.png I used to think the insults were random, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe CJ stinks if he doesn't change often enough?

QUOTE (demon @ Oct 2 2011, 10:16 AM) *
...100% fat, ...

Swimming or wearing the same clothes for too long will make people comment on how you smell.
I see. But swimming? If swimming had any effect I would have thought it made CJ smell less. But maybe the water is polluted lol.

By the way, I have played a couple more hours and not changed clothes, and I've not had any more odor comments. But I have saved, and that maybe have the same effect as a shower?

Some other things I lol'd at:

Grove member (the fat one), saying in a loud harsh voice to fat CJ: Fat bastard!

Angry cop: You obviously didn't do too well at school.
The swimming thing is because the majority of the water in the game is ocean, which does smell unpleasant to most people. I actually like the smell of the sea, but I've always wanted to be a viking or pirate, so, make of that what you will.

But I certainly wouldn't bother making it so saltwater and freshwater cause peds to react differently. Not worth the trouble.
Screen message when failing mission: "Ryder is history." laugh.gif
Taxi driver when fighting: "Incredibly crazy!" I guess it's the way he yells it that makes me laugh.
Taxi driver when someone bump into his car: "AAAAAGH!!"

The taxi drivers are the funniest. But the firemen are funny too, simply because they are hot-tempered and still they never say nothing. tongue.gif
Tennpenny: Officer Pulaski thinks you're trying to screw with us, Carl. Now you get this straight. We own you. You're ours. We can shit on you from such a height you'll think God himself has crapped on you. You understand?


I had let the Vagos and the Ballas each win one attack against southern Ganton (I did not defend it). For this reason, three gangs are loitering around here.

But the third time Ganton came under attack, I defended it. I wanted to see if it became green again, but it did not. I guess I have to initiate a war and win it in order to make it green again.

I saw a cop on bike drive in a small circle on the street, with lights and siren on. I had just defended Ganton and killed the attacking Vagos', blown up a car and then mowed down a group of Ballas on the grass beside the street, but it was not me the cop was after.
I place my car in his way so he is forced to drive in a straight line, down to the bottom of the flood control canal, beside the bridge that is just north of Cluckin' Bell in Willowfield. He tries to drive up, but are tilting backwards, then he give up the bike and start walking south, across the bottom of the canal and towards Willowfield. I pick up his bike but the cop is already a bit away and probably don't see me, I don't get a wanted level.

Not sure about where I want to drive, I stop the bike and observe a firetruck also trying to drive up the steep slope from the canal. Then the cop, without me seeing it, have returned and knocks me off the bike. I think I'm about to get busted, but he just wants the bike and not me. I still don't have a wanted level.

Then he gets off his bike again, and opens fire against three Vagos members that have jumped down from the bridge that is just north of Cluckin' Bell in Willowfield. I did not hear any shooting before this, so I don't know why the cop attacks them. They seem to accept being shot down, they do not fight back (at least one of them have a gun) and they do not run.

The cop gets back on his bike again, and this time he does not drive it, he walks with it. He is not walking beside it, but he walks while sitting on it, just like Flintstone would have done. It looks funny when he "drives" the bike up the canal slope this way. (This time he doesn't try to drive straight up, so he's actually making progress, slowly.)

Another Vagos guy has jumped down and opens fire at me, so I run in front of the cop so he's hit. The cop gets off the bike and kills the Vagos guy. He gets back on his bike and also this time he is walking while driving it. So it was not just a one-time glitch.

It is funny to play with satchel charges, stick many of them on all sides of a vehicle and see it go high in the air. I placed many charges on the left side of an Ambulance outside of the Johnson House , in the middle of the round space. When I set off the charges, the last I saw was the fireball, and the Ambulance was not seen after that. It had apparently landed in Ryder's backyard, because his Picador exploded a bit later. tongue.gif

I also put one charge on a drug dealer, everyone who saw it ran away in panic, but the dealer did not care. They are so easily provoked and trigger happy, so it was strange.

Woman on Tractor, at the Palamino Creek library: "Move it, idiot!"
And who was the idiot blocking her way? It was one of the trees close the the library. She was stuck in between it and the wall. tongue.gif
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