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Old thread from old forum:

My room:

I love NYC:

And ofcourse my bed sheets are also NYC:


I don't know who you are but I see you are a veteran. Welcome back.
Nice room, nice GTA posters, and gosh how tidy it is! My bedroom is a room I can never keep tidy for some reason.

2005 or earlier is a veteran. But, the guy can decorate a room, I gotta give him that. His decorating abilities combined with his love of skinny jeans (I think that's who this is) means he's gay. I'm okay with that, I just felt like outing him. mellow.gif
You think you know who it is? He's simply macorules94. No other names on his record, unless it's a double account.

And anyone who registered before me is veteran. tongue.gif

The room is nice, but the blue wall color is a bit hard on the eyes. The black wall with the wide poster is the nicest.
He's lying, that's not a bedroom it's a prison cell for young offenders. He needs to update that pic of New York too, those twin towers are so 2001.
^ Oh hey newb.


Yes perhaps that is a prison.

QUOTE (Marney1 @ Jul 13 2011, 01:32 AM) *
He needs to update that pic of New York too, those twin towers are so 2001.

I lol'd.
Maco, your bedroom looks pretty neat.
lol Update:

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