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Hello smile.gif

When not logged in, the background colors are so gay that I expect to see Elton John here. Pink and purlple???? It hurt the eyes and might scare people off. When logged in, the colors changes to okay green, thankfully.

That's my only complaint for now, I could wish more activity here, but the good thing with being more or less alone is that no one argue against me. tongue.gif
That's the Ballad of Gay Tony theme. It rotates between IV, TLAD, and TBOGT unless you specify what theme you always want to see (I assume you chose San Andreas for your default).
When I'm logged in I get the San Andreas theme. But I can't set a theme when not logged in, and it seems that I always get the Ballad Gay Tony theme when I'm logged off. But maybe it is not always and I only notice the colors when they are that gay.
I didn't know it was a game theme.
QUOTE (demon @ May 28 2011, 10:40 PM) *
... I always get the Ballad Gay Tony theme when I'm logged off. ...

Maybe it's a sign. sleep.gif

*Votes Fitty's post up*
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