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I got this error message when I tried to submit a new post. The message doesn't say anything at all.

I try to post the screenshot through Imageshack, but the IMG tags doesn't work.... "extension not allowed" wtf. It is the link Imageshack gave me, and it does simply not have a file format extension.

Very well, click this link for the image:
Did you use full reply or fast reply? Can you make it happen again?

Also I'm not sure where that imageshack link came from. doesn't have a .png or other image extension which is why it won't post. Apparently the one you use is different from the regular one. I can't even find out if it is by the same company.
I used full reply. It happened repeatedly until the error went away some later. I wonder if it could be because I tried to post twice in the same thread. The number of quotes exceeded the limit, so I could not make it fit into one post. Perhaps the system tried to merge the second post and failed because of the number of quotes? Maybe it's not programmed to deal properly with such a situation?

As I understood it, that is the Norwegian Imageshack site. But it could perhaps be another company. I was only offered one link, the one without a file extension. The site looked extremely minimalistic, but I didn't check the ad filter if it prevented alot from loading.

You probably used a PHP image generator rather than the actual image file. The file name MUST end in .jpg, .gif or .png. If it's like getImage.php?img=test.jpg&x=30y=20 or something it won't work
I get that and I'll not use that image sharing site again. But the empty error message that this was about in the first place, what about that? It was the system trying to auto-merge a post that it could not merge?
No idea. Next time it happens, take a screenshot and upload it smile.gif
lol? I took a screenshot and linked to it. tongue.gif

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