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omar abdo
hi all,, i have a problem in my gta vice city the sounds don't work in the missions cutscenes and some other cutscenes

and the radio doesn't work too and in the missions cutscenes i didn't see the words typed on the screen can any1 help

me??! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!

and thanks ya'll.
Is it from a disc or did you download it? If download, where did you get it from?
omar abdo
i've searched for it's cd in my city but i haven't found it so i downloaded it from the web as a torrent from

and in the file was a setup so i started it but at the end it says(registering has been disabledby your adminstrator) or whatever it is
QUOTE (omar abdo @ May 3 2011, 06:46 AM) *
downloaded it from the web as a torrent

That's the problem and no one here can give you a fix for it. And even if they could, it would very possibly be against the forum rules.

Maybe you can find another pirated version that works better, but I suggest that you ask your local shop to order it for you, or purchase it online yourself.

I too have the problem that many games I desire are unavailable in stores. But I never download pirated versions because I know they often are buggy, and also often malware infected.

Same as the announcement in the San Andreas forum, we cannot and will not provide help with illegally downloaded copies of Grand Theft Auto games.

The older games are cheap from Steam (Vice City on Steam) who often has sales too. Or you can get disc versions for cheap too. Just buy the game.
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