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Nic Nix
Hi guys.

To everyone who doesn't know me I'm Psy's sister and I thought this would be a good place to come to ask for a bit of help as I have done on

Basically while I was in Kenya last month I visited a Maasai village that had absolutely nothing except houses made of cow poo and a couple of goats. The children had to walk for hours all by themselves to get to school, in the baking hot sun and with the dangers of wild animals such as lions and elephants just wandering around.

I'm trying to raise enough money to build and kit out a nursery in the village that will benefit the whole community and provide both girls and boys with an education, as the Maasai culture is that boys are educated but do nothing whereas the girls cannot go to school as they need to collect water, build houses, cook, look after the children etc.

There are two ways you can help me.

1) Register here with every email address you have. Yes you have to sign up which is annoying, but it literally takes 30 seconds and you can cancel your account after you've voted. The Co-Operative Group in England are holding a charity competition and which ever charity gets the most votes gets 5,000 to help fund their project, it's as simple as that. It's free to vote and as I've said it literally takes seconds but could make a huge huge difference. The current winning charity has 410 votes which really isn't a lot to beat if everyone could register from a few accounts and get friends, family, their girlfriends etc to do it too.

2) During lent if you've given something up please donate the 50p you would normally spend on chocolate or crisps so that we can give these children their nursery as soon as possible, and also ask your family and friends. If you gave 5 all it would mean is you went without one drink on a night out. If you gave 10 it would mean giving up a take away for one week, but it would change the lives of the people in the village forever.

I know normally when you give to charity you don't know where the money is going or what it is being used for, but 100% of the money raised will be going directly to the village to build this nursery and there will be a visable difference as they have nothing at all now, but hopefully within a few months or a year they will have a solid brick nursery complete with furniture and equipment.

Every single penny would be greatly appreciated so please give anything you can, even if it is just a bit of loose change.

There's more information about the village and the project on my Just Giving page.

Please help me spread the word around your work places, schools, colleges and universities.

Thank you.
You don't give up, lol. Allright I will help you in one way, not sure which one yet. (Maybe even both ways?)

How did you get into this thing? Many people do charity at their home place, few travel as far as you did.

QUOTE (Nic Nix @ Apr 2 2011, 11:48 PM) *
as the Maasai culture is that boys are educated but do nothing whereas the girls cannot go to school as they need to collect water, build houses, cook, look after the children etc.

Maasai men are much smarter than us! XD.png

Maybe she will deter spambots over here. XD.png
Nic Nix
Haha I won't give up until I get the nursery built!

Well I'm at uni training to be a nurse, and last year I was given the opportunity to undertake a 5 week international placement, so I went to a really rural part of Kenya and did some teaching and nursing there last February and so since then I've been in love with the country and doing little things to fundraise for that charity.

Then I entered a competition through PG Tips (the tea brand) and actually won, and the prize was flights to Kenya and 5 days in Kericho which is the area they grow like 80% of the world's tea, but I extended the flights so that I could go on another safari with John, the same guy who took me the previous year. John and his wife own the charity Development Direct and last year I'd tried applying for this Vodafone World of Difference competition where they pay you to work abroad with a charity for a year, but unfortunately I didn't win it but obviously have been linked to the charity since then. John does his safari's differently cause he's actually trying to benefit the local communities and Masai Villages, whereas tour companies always skip through those parts and put you up in a luxury hotel, but John goes for camps and lodges owned by the local people. So we spent a day at this Masai village meeting some of the villagers (the women had already been sent out to collect water by this point) and they were explaining everything that needs done, and you just think to yourself these people literally have nothing, but despite this they are soooo happy. Then you think of everyone back home who will happily spend 50+ on a night out, or the same amount on a meal out, or even the same on a new coat or new pair of shoes, and you think surelyyyy they could give up a tiny percentage of that for one month to help someone who has nothing! But as I've found when I've come home people don't want to part with their money or even take 30 seconds to vote which is slightly annoying so I'm trying to find new ways to fundraise! I'm selling loads of clothes and things on eBay just getting a few extra pounds, I sold my bike, I'm writing to companies asking them to donate things to raffle off and I'm even thinking about doing a sponsored sky dive (although I'm not sure about that one cause I'm terrified of heights and it costs 250 to do so I'd need to raise loads even to cover the costs).

Anyway now that you've had my life story... Please vote? Haha.
I'm impressed. And you're even willing to skydive in spite of your fears!

How is it to live there from a sanitary and hygienic point of view? You have to bring your own food and water to avoid sickness? I would never dare eating their food. I don't blame them who stays at luxury hotels.
Nic Nix
QUOTE (demon @ Apr 3 2011, 03:11 PM) *
I'm impressed. And you're even willing to skydive in spite of your fears!

How is it to live there from a sanitary and hygienic point of view? You have to bring your own food and water to avoid sickness? I would never dare eating their food. I don't blame them who stays at luxury hotels.

Well for the villager's themselves they have no toilets, no running water, no where to store food, no where to keep clean or clean anything. The women have to walk for miles to collect the water to drink, and I suppose the toilet is where ever there's a bush! The village is tiny and is built inside of a circle fence. Masai people keep cattle and goats and it's their only source of income and shows how wealthy they are. Every night they have to bring all of their cattle and goats into the village, this can be hundreds of them, to stop the lions and leopards from eating them. So basically inside of the village it is stinking and you can't stand anywhere to avoid standing in poo. The Masai people only eat meat, so every night the village will slaughter a goat and cook it while it's fresh. They also collect the blood and mix it with milk to make what I can only imagine as being a delicious and nutritious drink!

We camped near the village for one night just in standard tents, with the toilet being behind a bush and all of the food and water was bought in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. For the rest of the time on safari we stayed in a lodge owned by some Masai people which did have running water and was kept extremely clean, but not at all what you would call luxury! I had a mosquito net over my bed all day, and at night I was sitting in bed reading a book with a head torch shining on the page, and 8 mosquitoes landed on one page and got squashed... This was because there was a 2 inch gap under the front door allowing all of Kenya's wildlife to walk straight in!

Normally when I go on holidays I'm 5* all the way, I went to a private school so I'm used to being spoilt and if I was anywhere else in the world I couldn't stand that accommodation but it's so nice because you get to see the real Kenya and you know you're directly benefitting the local community.
How is it going? Have you begun building yet? I just remembered the project, I had forgotten about it. I want to give a couple pennies if I remember how I transfer online. It's too early in the morning for me to think clearly... foolish (7).gif
Nic Nix
No we haven't been able to start building yet as we haven't raised enough money to ensure completion of the whole project sad.gif

There was a fundraising event on Friday night, and I haven't got all of the figures yet but I'm estimating that over 2,000 was raised. Unfortunately this money is being split between the borehole project (estimated 20,000) and the nursery (estimated 4,000) so it will be a while yet before any work can start, although progress is being made slowly but surely.

There are 2 ways you can help. Firstly get everyone you know to register here for free. It literally takes 30 seconds but if we get enough votes it will secure 5,000 for the charity which is a lot of much needed cash! Yes it's annoying and you have to 'sign up' but I'm sure most people would prefer that over having to fork out their own hard earned cash.

Secondly, you can donate here using a credit or debit card, or paypal. If you're a UK tax payer you can claim the tax back on every donation which is another 20% extra the charity will receive.

Further to this, if any one knows of any companies who may be able to donate either funds or something that could be auctioned off in an event I am planning for the summer, please get in touch with contact details. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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