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Full Version: Stuck in Story, Glitched Game? Forums > GTA IV Series > GTA IV
There may be some minor spoilers in this, for anyone who hasn't completed the story.

I'm playing through the game again to get the achievement for completing it in under 30 hours, and I think it may have glitched on me. The last mission I completed was "Liquidize the Assets" for Gambetti. I've saved several times and drove around for a while and no new missions are showing up. I realized that after I completed "Blood Brothers", I never got the call from Packie to attend the funeral. I've tried calling every contact in my phone and no one answers, no new missions. I think I may have accidentally skipped over the call from Packie. Since I can't go to the funeral, I can't do the missions for Gerald when he is in prison or anything after that. Should I keep waiting it out, or is there any way to fix this?

Edit: Nevermind, finally got the call after about half an hour of driving around. I'm not sure how to delete this, otherwise I would haha.

yeah, there's a lot of waiting in this game. Also for 100% and some achievements you need to let the game register that they happened. fyi to anyone reading this.

Patience. locked.gif
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