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Sony have officially announced and handed out production shots of it's new handheld console, which has been names the NGP... weird. Why not psp2? Maybe its' a codename or something.

Anyway, Here is how is looks:

And here is the amazing part. The specs:

CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Core (4 core)
External Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Rear Touch Pad: Multi touch pad (capacitive type)
Cameras: Front camera, Back camera
Sound: Built-in stereo speakers, built in microphone
Sensors: Six-axis (gyroscope, accelerometer, electronic compass)
Location: Built -in GPS, Wi-Fi
Keys/Switches: PS button, power button, directional buttons, action buttons, shoulder buttons, left & right sticks, start, select, volume (-/+)
Wireless: 3G, Adhoc infrastructure, Bluetooth.

This is going to be a beast of a handheld. The graphics will be much better than PS2 games and nearly as good as PS3.

I'll be looking forward to playing a new GTAIV on the psp2 biggrin.gif
Backwards compatible too.

Edit: Uncharted too! Also announced were versions of Hot Shots Golf, Killzone, WipeOut, Resistance, Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors, and Call Of Duty.
Noice. Twitter was blazing away about it. Was waiting for someone to post pics. They really went all-out with it.

Why not psp2?

Maybe because many would confuse PSP2 with PS2.

Let's get people thinking, shall we?

I'll write a short news article later after I get some sleep. x_x
Can't wait to see some gameplay vids, it sounds awesome.
Here is a list of developers currently working on games for this next gen portable console:
Acquire Corp.
Alvion Inc.
AQ Interactive Inc.
Arc System Works Co. Ltd.
Arika Co. Ltd.
Artdink Corporation
Ascii Media Works Inc.
Capcom Co. Ltd.
Chun Soft Co. Letd.
Codemasters Software Company Limited
Crafts & Meister Co. Ltd.
CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd
D3 Publisher Inc.
Dimps Corporation
Edia Co. Ltd.
Enterbrain Inc.
From Software Inc.
Gameloft K.K.
Genki Co. Ltd.
Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.
GungHo Online Entertainment Inc.
Gust Co. Ltd.
Hamster Corporation
Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.
Idea Factory Co. Ltd.
Index Corporation (Atlus)
Irem Software Engineering Inc.
Kadokawa Games Ltd.
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd.
Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Level-5 Inc.
Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
Media5 Corporation
Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Nihon Falcom Corporation
Nippon Ichi Software Inc.
Nowproduction Co. Ltd.
Q Entertainment Inc.
Sega Corporation
SNK Playmore Corporation
Spike Co. Ltd.
Square Enix Co. Ltd.
SystemSoft Alpha Corp.
Tecmo Koei Games Co. Ltd.
TOMY Company Ltd.
TOSE Co. Ltd.
Ubisoft K.K.
Yuke's Co. Ltd.

North America
Activision Inc.
Capybara Games
Demiurge Studios
Epic Games Inc.
Far Sight Studios
High Voltage Software
Kung Fu Factory
Paramount Digital Entertainment
PopCap Games
Powerhead Games
Trendy Entertainment
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
2K Games
2K Sports

Avalanche Studios
Climax Studios Ltd.
Codemasters Software Company Ltd.
Eurocom Developments Ltd.
Eutechnyx Ltd.
Exient Ltd.
Firemint PTY Ltd.
Gameloft SA
Gusto Games Ltd.
Home Entertainment Suppliers PTY Ltd.
Impromptu Software Ltd.
Rockstar Games
Sidhe Interactive
Sumo Digital Ltd.
Team 17 Software Ltd.
Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Zen Studios Ltd.

Also i read that the rear touch pad was made to act like the iphone touch screen, but so you don't interfere with or obstruct the display... That's gonna take a lot to get used to.

Another thing was this:
Sony Computer Entertainment president of worldwide studios Shu Yoshida laughed, and replied, "It's not going to be $599."

So atleast we know it isn't going to be that expensive. I'm gonna take a guess it will be around $300USD/200 I'm only hoping that because i can't see myself paying much more than that for a portable console no matter how epic it is.
Alright Sony, you finally figured out how to put two analog sticks on it. Get R* Leeds working on a new portable GTA (not top-down, please), and you'll get my money.

It is Leeds that does the portable titles, right?
QUOTE (Massacre @ Jan 27 2011, 07:10 PM) *
Alright Sony, you finally figured out how to put two analog sticks on it. Get R* Leeds working on a new portable GTA (not top-down, please), and you'll get my money.

A Portable version that looks as sick as GTAIV!
I don't know shit about portable gaming system specs (or gaming system specs in general) but I imagine they could come close. They could even manage a GTA IV-sized map, probably.

People seem to want a completely new city for GTA V, maybe we could get a redesigned Vice City for a portable title instead. They could redesign the GTA III-era cities like they did with Liberty, but continue the III-era story on PSP, leaving the new story for the consoles.
QUOTE (Massacre @ Jan 27 2011, 07:26 PM) *
People seem to want a completely new city for GTA V, maybe we could get a redesigned Vice City for a portable title instead. They could redesign the GTA III-era cities like they did with Liberty, but continue the III-era story on PSP, leaving the new story for the consoles.

That sounds like a plan. I'd buy any gta they make to be honest. But creating a fresh new GTA for ps3 and vice/sa on psp2 sounds good to me.

Also, a quad core in portable console is pretty epic!
I just want to see Tommy, old as shit and still slaughtering gang members, even if we don't play as him.
Just found this. it's one of the ways you can use the back touch pad.
I'm digging the back touch pad. No screen smudges.
Also good for pornographic games. No jizz smudges XD.png
Porn will look way better on a PSP than it does on my phone. It probably isn't limited to one file format like my phone is either.

I mean seriously, finding porn in mp4 format is a bitch.
Well, now that Verizon has the Iphone i'm sure that Iphone 5 will serve my mobile gaming needs w/o carrying around another bulky device.
pass... why would i buy a portable PS3 when i have a PS3 already?? i don't game on the go so, i don't see any reason to plop down $250+ for something that plays the big screen games on a little screen... i mean seriously, uncharted is meant to be played on a big HDTV, not a 5" one... you'll miss a ton of details and won't get the full effect...

i am sure there's a ton of gamers excited about this new handheld, and rightfully so... it's HD processing power is amazing and ohh look!! a touchscreen!! plus, it has hardcore gaming support and plenty of opportunity for future growth... but handheld gaming is still not for me...

have fun guys, i hope it's worth it...
When R* drops a portable-only title, it'll be worth every penny.

I'm surprised Chinatown Wars never made it to PSN/Xbox Live Arcade.
In case anyone is interesting in watching the reveal video. Here it is with english dubs. There is some gameplay demonstration footage of uncharted showing you how the new console works on video 2.
Source: joystiq
madez another NGP/PSP2 pic for Red Dead Redemption

Foreshortening makes John look tiny.

imagine seeing fallout new vegas on this thing... you wouldn't even be able to see the objects sitting on a desk, or read what object it is that your actually looking at... i don't think i'll ever be sold on this... it sounds like it wants to be like it's big brother but, developers are REALLY going to have to realize that this is a handheld... they are going to have to drastically enlarge the in-game fonts on ports or no one will be able to read anything... it's hard enough to read stuff sometimes even on the big screen...

i think the playstation phone has more potential than this monstrosity...
I'm sure they'll adjust everything for ease of use. If Fallout or similar games did come to this, perhaps there would be some kind of quick zoom-in? They'd find something.
It's simple. They go back to the top-down view from the old games, but zoomed farther in, and with slightly-lower-than-New Vegas graphics (entirely possible on a PSP, I assure you), and they also go back to the windowed conversations from the old games, with full New Vegas graphics, like so:

There would be random clutter like in the console games, but it's looted from whatever it's sitting on. Like, if there's a tin of Mentats on top of a table, you loot the table itself, rather than trying to pick it up from the table.

I don't know if the analog sticks (analog nubs, rather) are just sticks, or can be pushed in like the sticks on controllers, but if they're clickable, then clicking the right analog nub zooms into first person.

Not that complicated, if you use Fallout 1 and 2 as reference points. No turn-based combat, though. Fuck that.
top-down would work but, that's like taking a step back when the PSP2 wants to take a leap forward... and i am assuming that the analog sticks will feel similar to the dials on an ipod music player, if anyone has ever used that little button in-between the play/next/previous/pause buttons....

Click to view attachment
Top-down is just to make it easier to fit onto a UMD, or whatever the PSP discs were called. If you want a large enough wasteland, you can't have the kind of graphics that would be required if you were to use the 3/New Vegas camera. People would expect better graphics with a closer 3/NV camera, and the wasteland would have to be smaller to accommodate the data taken up by the better graphics.
You do realize the screen is actually pretty dense when it comes to pixel count (960x544 i think), meaning you wont really miss small details... It almost has the resolution as about 50% of the worlds PC users (1024x768) but in a smaller space.
lol, you do realize that all of this lush detail will be displayed on a 5" screen, right? tongue.gif... yea, i am not knocking the specs of this BEAST of a machine but, i just think a lot of detail will be lost on such a small screen... or maybe i am just out of touch with the handheld market and sound like a complete idiot, which wouldn't be the first time...

i'm for the xperia more so than the PSP2 though...
Yeah it's small, but the texture details will still be high detail and unless you have bad eyesight you should be able to see the small details. The PSP(1) wasn't that powerful so a lot of details were lost due to low quality textures and even poly counts on a small screen. The Xperia play will most likely suffer the same problem.

The reason you will still see the details is because the pixels are still there, they're just 5 times smaller than they are on a computer monitor. But not too small that your eyes wont pick up the detail. It'll just seem more anti-aliased.
So E3 has come and this is now known as the PS Vita which starts at $250.

Nice piece. <3

This is the beest looking pic so far

I'll buy it if it can keep my home tidy and dust free.

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