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omar abdo
hi all now i have a question in gta san andreas(the same came for me in vice city):

i have in stalled many car mods and i want to put them in the game,so i searched for a program to open the file gta3.img and put a mod, the program is imgtool i opened the file gta3.img and when i press to replace a file there to make the mod, it sais:file is to big to replace "the name of the mod"

can any1 to tell me whats the problem and how to solve it??

ill be very thanksgavely to who tells me
I would suggest a GOOGLE for "GTA:SA Mod"
You should get a few pages of links to modding sites.
Read Carefully as it will be a test of your patience.
Version 1 (rare) is easily modable.
Version 2 (Current issue) is modable with some effort.
Version 3 (Legal Downloaded game) Is NOT modable, at all.
Just search "SA IMG Manager" in Google. You will get a number of results for an img importer/exporter.
omar abdo
yeah good ideas thanks guys
San Andreas is much more of a challenge for modding it right? Compared to vice city. For anyone wanting to add a 3d model car it requires that the model is all ready for the game otherwise it won't run?

Sure, after the law suits Rockstar tried to make the San Andreas as difficult as possible to modify. Success was achieved with the Version 3 (Download) game.
Version 3? I haven't heard any of this before.

People can mod the game, as I've seen images on gtagaming and the mods download section.

If anything the PC versions of this game and generally for the Grand theft Auto series have made even more popular by being able to add to the existing game.
A response to a person having no luck getting a Direct2Drive (or maybe a SteamPower) game to mod.
QUOTE (radioman @ Posted, Dec 30 2010, 0918)
Actually, that's V3 that's totally unmoddable, V2 is moddable as is to a certain extent-pretty much only script mods and .gxt mods work on V2 as is. I have a natural V2 game, and mods such as Dem's Mission Passer's, Pillager, etc.(pretty much all of Dem's Mods) work on V2 as is, Plus, I have Orion's optional .ipl file for the Chain Game Armories in place and that too works great, Plus, as most people know, I have the Real Names mod and that too works great. So, in short, it is only V3 that is totally unmoddable/undowngradeable. V2 is just restricted on the modding ability. Just a heads up...
So new releases of San Andreas would be version 3 then? mellow.gif If that happens to be the case which I don't know, I wanted to edit one building San Andreas by adding a piece of mesh or well take from another building and add to the building I want to modify, I'm uncertain if that would affect me, I've purchased a copy of SA for 7.
In the main menu it says version 2.00 rolleyes.gif
Available Discs will be Version 2.
Downloaded Copies are Version 3. (Legal Downloaded games are not moddable).

Ah okay, I see now.

Rockstar wouldn't of approved of modding for their games then. Even if you want to add something because you feel that Rockstar missed something. laugh.gif
They're afraid of being sued for something an 'outsider' might add to their game(?)
Well, there is that side to it. Though if your just adding a few bits and pieces to a building surely that won't get you into trouble, a personal mod is a personal mod. wink.gif

As time move along even more these games such as VC and SA become ever more historical for the gaming franchise.
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