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Simple enough question.
Which was your favourite island and why?
Was it the memories you had on it?
Was it a certain mission?
Was it an epic rampage that done it for you?

I loved the GTA3 map, the islands were nicely laid out and missions and weapon drops were all nicely distributed around it. From personal experience, i actually liked Portland the most. The missions with the Mafia. The scuffs with the triad's and diablo's. The gritty double-crossing get-away with Catalina. That is the reason i loved Portland the most. It's where all my favourite missions happened. It's where most of my random rampages started. It's where i'd go back to my hideout to collect all my weapon pick-ups most of the time.

Now it's your turn.
Ditto on Portland. It felt more gritty and urban than the other areas, including the Shoreside Vale projects. I always used the random ped cheat to turn myself into a random black fellow, loaded up on my best weapons, and sent my graffiti-covered van careening into Chinatown for an epic gang war.
Well Shoreside Vale was my least favourite if that's any help, out of the remaining two i'd also pick Portland as my favourite as it's where the game started and consequently where I spent a lot of my time freeroaming and wandering, something i'd been unable to do in previous games, at the time my 13 year old mind was in awe of it.
Portland was my favorite as well - it's amazing to play the game again and realize how small the map actually was compared to GTAIV.

I know that map like the back of my hand. I could probably navigate it with my eyes closed. My favorite place was the mafia boss' house on the hill - there was always a mafia car and one of the largest drops was from the house to the junkyard/car crusher area. Also, the tunnel with the bums that ran beneath the mafia compound. Where else could you find Molotov cocktails on the first island without paying for them. Thanks bums!

Shoreside Vale gets an honorable mention for the airport. I can't tell you how many hours I spent flying/trying to fly that fucking dodo.
I never did get the Dodo in the air for more than a second. The flying cars cheat with the tank was much easier.

I destroyed hundreds of different cars on the various ramps around the airport, though.
Kind of stuck between the first two. I liked Staunton for the Manhattan feel but I have a lot of good memories from starting out in Portland. I didn't spend much time in Shoreside Vale.
Staunton was very exciting - plus it had the Yakuza cars which were fucking awesome.

It did have a great feel and I ran a ton of rampages on the southwest end.

Shit, I am going to have to play this again very soon.
6 shooter
Portland, of course! It was cold, damp and grisly looking. Perfectly in tune with the blurred look of the game, best experienced at night.

Among my favorite Portland settings were:
- the harbor with the car import garage and stunt jump over the truck
- Salvatore's mansion overlooking the beach with the Patriot challenge on one side and car dealer's with 'free' Banshee on the other
- Red Light District with all the lights & stuff

Staunton Island was too plain for me - in terms of ground level, etc., but I also feel that there were less places of interest, and of course it was all business like, not an urban ghetto like Portland.

I loved Shoreside Vale's exteria, sloping hills, artificial and natural lakes, the river and the airport, but...there's hardly anything to do. One import/export garage and the final mission won't do.
Definitely Portland and Staunton. biggrin.gif
I remember wanting to get to Shoreside Vale so bad, and when I did, my life was complete for a while.
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