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Dumbest mission of all time.

Ok, so...

I walk over to Lance Tulip Vances home to get some work done. Ok, usual chase the car, protect the dumbass, yadda yadda. But they make it more difficult by destroying your car, not spawning a replacement and oh yeah, they don't give Tulip a weapon. Ggggrrrreeaaattt. So I failed it.

So I fly over in a helicopter, and start the mission. The heli unspawns, and I run around in terror. PCJ found nearby hiding in the trees. Tulip dies again... failed.

This time, I'm ready. I run straight to the PCJ and get flying. I destroy something like six cars before Tulip dies. I die shortly after because of the police.

One more time. I get on the PCJ and... there is only two enemy cars. Total. Thats it? WTF?!?


Inavde the mansion. Alright, I got this. I use molotovs, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, M-16s... I use the nearby film studio for armor. Then, a weakness comes apparent. I go to the Vice Point Mall to buy more weapons, and when I come out, Mendez army is swimming after me. No shit. So I pop some heads and think, this must be over. I've killed like, a hundred guys. Nope. Turns out they just keep re-spawning. So I do what Tulip does... and walk straight in. Turns out no one manages to hit me when I do it this way.

And to cap it off with a dollop of crap... Armando comes at me with a flame thrower. Never mind that I have no idea if it can hurt me or not (fireproof is kinda random at best) but he doesn't last more then .5 seconds with a blast from a minigun. LAME. He was the easy part.

So friggin' stupid. Anyone else agree?

Yeah, the hardest part was the beginning chase. Trying to drive, match speeds, drive-by and not hit Lance was hard. I can't even imagine how hard that would be on the PSP. and when I got to the house, I was throwing grenade after grenade (I got into one of the neighbor's backyards), and alternating with the M4 trying to clear a path into the house. Was doing that for like 10 minutes. mad.gif

Finally , I changed one of the businesses en route to a prostitution business and used that bulletproof BITCHIN' RIDE to Leeroy Jenkins my way in.

and then, the mini-gun. laugh.gif
Without a doubt the worst mission on this game. I hated it, and it took me about 15 attempts (The only mission that ever took me more attempts than that in ANY GTA was the fu**ing RC missions in SA). Once I got past the stupid car chase at the start, though I was fine. I quickly figured out that they just keep spawning until you run into the house, so I did not run out of ammo. Thankfully I was fireproof at that time, but like you say it did not really matter.

I managed to get through the car chase by shooting the shooters in the first vehicle but not the driver or the vehicle. A total fluke, but it meant I simply had to follow him up the road while the bad guys vehicle simply swerved about the road just in front of us. Talk about lucky!! I don't think I would ever have got past that mission without that.
The worst part about the chase is that, for some reason, eitther Tulip doesn't have a gun, or suddenly lost the drive to use it. A lot of the other missions where he shot he was spot on. This mission is just so weird.

Yeah! I almost forgot that I was the reason he died half the time from my own bullets. lol. Oh, and did anyone else notice Tulip puts on that cheat so when he hits cars, they float away? (except enemy ones)
I absolutely hate the storylines in this game.
This one as well, even with alternative methods.

I would rather do the sides and challenges, usually hated by many, any day.

These are the worst storyline missions of any GTA game so far.

Just my worthless .02c
^^^Someone hadda bad day! mad.gif
Watch the cut scenes in your apartment at 100% instead smile.gif

When you re-play this mission,after you realize all the baddies just keep spawning(after you finally make it to the mansion rolleyes.gif ),
you can get any 'copter and land on the mansion roof,then jump down into the entrance.You can even take your time and get Health,Armour,Weapons,etc.
Being Fireproof worked for me!I took him out in seconds with the AK style gun. ph34r.gif
The story was ok, and helped me understand a lot more of Vice City better. I think Vic went back to the Army at the end.

All of the missions are so random and make no sense. Watersports always gives you 10 sec. to a full minute to complete but Caddy Daddy gives you too little time.
I did it like this:

I found that a lot of the time, if you take out the first couple cars real fast and then stay ahead of lance, that's all you have to deal with. I barely made it in the house, but it didn't take too long.
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