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The Demo is out now on the Playstation store. So go check it out!

I just played it today. Bloody hell was it a scary experience. For those of you that have played the first one, you'll know how claustrophobic and overwhelming this game can be at times. The demo for the second one doesn't disappoint. One good thing about the demo, is that they have put you right into the game with a a decent loadout, not just the laser cutter, which is comforting.

Enemies. From the moment i stepped in, i noticed some changes. There is a nice balance of new enemies which is always good. no-one wants all the same enemies from the old game. And they've moved in a freaky direction, what with those children alien mutations!

First impressions on the demo were great. And I'm sure to pick up the next instalment in this nice underrated franchise.

The funny thing about this game is the demo always puts me off from buying it. (I'm talking about part 1 and 2)
I don't know, It's kind of challenging a bit to be swarmed and I really don't know what the correct strategy for taking them out is ... the only hints we get is that you have to try to blow their limbs off, which is fine when you only have 1 or 2 against you. And yeah I guess this is the claustrophobia at work.
The demo for the first game I never managed to get through it, but the demo for this one I made it through in about 3-4 tries.
Survival Horror isn't really my thing, I guess.
I really liked Dead Space 1 but I was planning on renting Dead Space 2. However, i'd like to see a dead space 3 (assuming the reviews are good) so i'll probably buy it .
Not much news but it's something.

Here's a nice bonus for fans of the original Dead Space. If you have any save file -- completed or not -- from the first title, you'll unlock the original plasma cutter right off the bat for use in the upcoming sequel. Hardcore players should be more than familiar with the gun, thanks to an Achievement that forces players to complete an entire playthrough using only that gun.

But don't expect the plasma cutter to give you much of an advantage at the beginning of the Dead Space 2 campaign. Although you'll get access to the gun, Visceral Games' Louis Gascoigne told us that the upgrades you purchased for the weapon won't carry over into the sequel. Isaac Clarke just can't get a break, can he?

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