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I would like your honest opinion of him. Personally i like him kinda looks like his dad...
I voted "He's okay i wish he was more manly like those guys in that Brokeback Mountain film."
I voted "This poll would have been awesome 7 months ago."

Also, Jack Marston < John Marston.
I hate how his voice is always like a kid. There should have been a more masculine voice actor for the grown up Jack.
Or Jack should've been flamboyantly gay.
Get the name right!
QUOTE (Massacre @ Dec 23 2010, 09:49 AM) *
Or Jack should've been flamboyantly gay.

Iq quite agree. Why make a less manly John Marsto? They may as well go to theo ther extreme if we have to play a different character.
At least then he'd have an excuse for turning down the prostitutes.
"Sorry honey, i'm riding side-saddle. My gun don't cock that way."

*is reminded of asylum topic*
To be honest, if Jack lived the same lifestyle as John (he sort of does), smokes heavy, drinks. Then I'm pretty sure he'd have a deep masculine voice. But saying that, Jack is still very young, and it does take a good few years of wear and tear to rip into a mans voice for some people... So maybe that's why.

I reckon he'll man up after cleaning out a whole taverns supply of whiskey before taking an early night with one of the STD infested broads. Then see if his voice is as pure and innocent. And if that doesn't work,, then he's gonna need a to drop the soap in the woods by Sasquatch's hideout, and that's sure to give him an old baggy, meaty voice!
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