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I just got a Dazzle today, so thought I would play around with some of my clips on Black Ops.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. mellow.gif

Opening titles were a little long. Sound wasn't synced with the video but I think that's a YouTube issue. smile.gif
Did you record while playing or did you use theatre mode?
I used theatre mode to make six clips then recorded them one by one with the Dazzle.
Cool. Yeah i was gonna say if you recorded live would it have made the play choppy for you...?

Anyway, cool vid, nice kills. Might have to give me a shout some time and i'll play some black ops with you.
I haven't made any game videos in a while. I think the last proper one i did was that collaborative gta stunt video time ago.
It's difficult to tell because there seems to be a fair amount of lag on the multiplayer from time to time anyway, but I'm thinking about recording some gameplay from a different game later, possibly MAG. I haven't experienced any lag on that so far, so if that comes out a bit choppy it probably is the Dazzle. I'll let you know. smile.gif
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