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This is the 1st test i did. its by far not perfect. i did almost no post work aside from dopping a generic grain on there which in hind site i should have tweaked cause it makes the model jitter to much. i also got lazy and used no track markers so the floor plane is not perfect and the object moves a touch irregular at times. I am gonna do a real test with markers and will prolly redo the render to shoot for a more realistic scene and add a better reflection map on the table

3d camera tracking test
I watched it a few times until I realized what the hell you were on about. That's pretty cool. Just needs a full reflection on the table. thumbup.gif
Yea I know. I was having issues getting the reflection to render with the 3d plane i used to project the shadows and reflection on remaining completely transparent. I just upgraded to the new version of LW so this node based texturing is still new to me im used to the old way they did textures.

I did finally figure it out after i rendered it and made the test video tho so im good now. Ive still got a lot of testing to do on tracking and importing the data. this was just a first attempt. I really should have added markers on the table to make a better track and then removed them in post but it was late and i had a good buzz going and it turned into an impromptu kinda thing. but considering the lack of markers and low light levels it came out way better than i expected.

I think im gonna run an outside test tomorrow morning and do it right and see if i can get a better track out of it.
I do the odd VFX on my course using Nuke and Fusion. that's not a bad attempt. I noticed a little wobble on the model, but other than that, it wasn't too bad. You have loads of tracking points available to you on that table, try tweaking it some more. How many tracking points did you end up using?

Also as mentioned above, if you do polish it up, then definitely add the reflections in there.
it wasnt from lack of points, boujou freaked out on it mainly over the grain levels, hence the wobble. the lighter items in the shot, like the white on the blanket on the couch and the dragon incense holder had perfect tracks on them, unfortunately the table being dark kinda screwed its track up. it had around 4000 track points in the whole scene. problem came when defining the planes, the points on the table broke the y translation at times, so when the object was attached to them as a null it caused the wobble. . you live you learn i guess. prolly would have helped had i read the help file first instead of just going at it. i coulda tweaked the track and re tracked points manually but i figured id redo a new one with a proper set up and atleast a decent lightsource

Well turns out reading the enclosed documentation should have been my first step, damn manly hormones have me trained to ignore instruction manuals. Turns out you can get a clean track off poorly lit footage by jumping thru a few hoops and taking the video and adding a high contrast effect before importing to Boujou. the track is now perfect. I doubt I will re render the model anytime soon, between the radiosity and occlusion it was taking about 8 mins per frame at 315 frames i cant tie my comp up like that for some tests. i will re do another test tho now that i have a better idea of what to do to get cleaner results.

Now ive gotta figure out my workflow to get nuke boujou ae and lightwave to properly communicate.
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