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After updating to the latest patch, my game will only use low graphics mode and 1 view distance. I have a nvidia 260 card (like 850 meg mem) and used to run the game in medium and high graphics mode with no issues, even with view distance up to 100 in medium. Sinc ethe patch, it will no longer let me even select anything but low graphics mode, and the view distance will not adjust past 1.

It still shows my free mem in the view, saying i have plenty of free video mem.

What gives? Anyone else have this issue? I hadnt played gtaiv in a while, and want to but this is ridiculous.
The PC version of GTAIV has always had problems. They rushed it out and didn't optimize the graphics and ram usage. The patches seemed to have made most peoples games worse or unplayable. I re-installed recently, and i found that the only way i could get the game to work was to install patch 1 then patch 7. Now it works kind of ok. I still cant have it on full settings even though i have more than enough graphics power and DDR3 though...
Mine worked great until the last update. Unfortunately I bought it through steam so I cant just install the basic program, and skip the updates. (it automatically snags the freshest install) I even reformatted my machine and reinstall dx and drivers thinking it could be a problem with my machine. All of my other apps see the video card and mem fine. Even gtaiv sees the mem in the card, it just will not let me adjust the graphics beyond low, or the view distance beyond one. Its really bizzare, and a piss poor reflection on rock stars ability to port over a game, and "update" it. If the update screwed so many ppls games, its hardly an update.

I wrote rockstar about it and still have not received a response. lame.
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