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meke a challenge ,if you find some mistakes tell me please!

if u got 10points u will see a tommy drawing! rolleyes.gif
apart from the posisioning on the pic in the 'who is Cortez's enemy?' question all looks good..
I got 8/10
thanks, already fixed .

the correct answer:
1 Miami

2 All above

3 B(other 3 are stunt)

4 D

5 B radio disappear

6 C French

7 C (death row)

8 D parking metre

9 B (keep ur friends close)

10 D the Hatian(this is the hardest one because not many poeple have notice the black Sanchez in"dirt trail")
The link which appears is the correct one. The link it sends you to generates a 404 error.

Those are good questions, but the spelling's atrocious.
Now if all games could load this fast.

I got 7 but only because I couldn't see the pics good.
yes,I believe it,hardcore VC fans could get more than 7

PECNUT,ur score ? too low to speak out? lol
I got 7, haven't played in the longest time.
Bitch Heartless
QUOTE(skyfam @ Mar 24 2007, 10:51 AM) [snapback]1313262[/snapback]
yes,I believe it,hardcore VC fans could get more than 7

PECNUT,ur score ? too low to speak out? lol

Oh, I got ten. I know Vice City back to front, so not really surprising, I suppose.
Im going to play forreal this time. Last time(to be honest and truthful)I was just clicking.That tommy vercetti drawing sucked.
I got 8. thumbup.gif Well, I just played the game 100% a few weeks ago when my leg got broken in a car accident and I didn't have much else to do for 2 weeks.
I got 9/10.

The stupid ass Choose Different Pic got me.
3 of them had 95 health, and the other one had a red collar and 100 health so I went with that one.
i got 7 out of 10, i havnt played the game in years, but i should of got better than that, i loved this game lol, on one of the questions the 2 bottom boxes didnt show and i guessed the last couple so i have an excuse lol
8/10, didn't know what the fuck happened to taxi's.
GTA ShutDown
9/10 for me. Got the last one wrong.
10/10 first try.
Because Vice City is my All-time Favorite GTA GAME
Sharpie Fetish
Piece a piss 10/10

Expected really when your a gta 100% Veteran like me wink.gif
10 biggrin.gif
9/10. I got the last one wrong. I chose bikers.
lol half the Qs didn't work on my comp sad.gif
The pictures don't load on some of the questions :S
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