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Found this interesting. More so because of the guy getting caught playing with himself.

Google fights crime! Last June, someone stole a camper parked in the driveway of the Soames family in Derbyshire, England. Now, a year later, the family finally has a lead on who took it, thanks to a combination of Google and crazy luck.

11-year-old Reuben Soames was messing around with Google Maps and searched for his family's address. When he found it, he pulled up the Google Street View.

Well, in an amazing coincidence, it looks like the Google Street View photo was taken in June of 2009, right when the camper was getting stolen. And there's a pretty clear look at the guy who probably stole it.

In the screenshot from Google, the guy is standing by his SUV, which he parked in the Soames' driveway, and looks to be buttoning or unbuttoning his pants.

Article - Actual Street View
Well, I know, at least in my case, whenever I steal something, I make sure I ejaculate onto a nearby item before I leave. Odds are, this guy shot one off into the seat of that car before stealing the camper, and someone later sat in the evidence without knowing it.

As if you needed another reason to always be on the lookout for random spatterings of semen.
Fucking awesome. biggrin.gif
I don't like Google Street View because of privacy concerns, but it's great when criminals are caught.
He's probably an Irish traveller, they like nicking caravans and stuff.

Living in the sky has its privacy benefits, you can't see my apartment on street view.

look to yer left they'll be a guy getting arrested. there's also one in brooklyn with a bunch of nigs standing on the corner selling drugs lol
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