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Im sure some are familiar with

its just that it disturb me allot that there are one file in this pack that i don't know why its included, and i don't wanna risk miss anything good
"visualsettings.dat" why is it included in all 7
download packages of UGT?
when reading "SP installation instructions"
it isn't named that you need it for anything, not in the multi player read me either (im a single-player only though)
but i suspect it does something for this tweak also..and that you are supposed to take for granted what it can do?
so it doesn't require to be named in any readme according to the releaser? biggrin.gif

What i can conclude is that it exist a "visualsettings.dat" originally in the GTA folder that came from the play-disc??
am i right? and i would suspect this file already have been updated
by the ENB series mod when i installed that
so i would not wanna replace that now perhaps? snf (31).gif
You're probably best asking someone on GTAforums as there is a huge thread on there just about this one mod. I have tried to use this mod in the past but with a crap graphics card which didn't really give me very good results. As for the visualsettings.dat I'm sure it has some importance, and this is how so many people are getting wonderful looking GTAIV worlds lol.
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