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I recently decided to try out GTA: SA, so I went out and got it. I was having quite a good time when I decided that I could be having an even better time if my resolution were higher. I tried turning it up to what my computer was nagging me to turn it up to, which I thought was too big. Of course, it was. However, I forgot what the default resolution was, and I didn't even think of just clicking 'restore to default', so I accidentally set it to something extremely low. My computer hated that, and decided not to show the screen at all just in spite. So there I was, sitting in from of a blank screen that said something along the lines of "Not in range", and I was freaked out. So I ctrl-alt-deleted my way out and tried everything I could think of to get rid of that black screen, but nothing worked, it was always out of range. I tried everything from trying to run it in windowed mode (which didn't work) to reinstalling the game.

Long story short, this game is stuck on a resolution that's too small for my screen to detect.

And that is why I come here, to see if there's anything I can do to salvage this. I fear I may never be able to use this program again. Honestly, I've even tried looking for a registry key that would help, I thought of everything. Anyway, thanks in advance. I'd love to be able to play this game, it looks wonderful.
Try deleting the GTA_SA.set file. It stores current ingame settings. It is created at the end of every game save. reboot the computer and try playing. rebooting might not be necessary.

START<username<Documents<GTA San Andreas User Files<gta_sa.set

Note the standard is 800x600x32 and the polygons of this game are fairly crude by current standards. Tyres aren't round, fingers are joined... etc. This is normal and no resolution setting will improve it. The nice thing about the game is it's Playable, unlike the newer 'pretty' games like GTA IV.
Thank you so much, I only thought of looking for setting files in the Program Files folder, but this worked.

And, I realize that the game is a bit dated and that the graphics are always going to be like this, which is perfectly fine, I just wanted to see exactly what changes a higher resolution would have. Not much, apparently.

Anyway, yeah, thank you so much.
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