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you know I never like netendo's "bouncy cute thing eating treasure" style.But this game is so creative .it made me an exception

recommend you to give it a try thumbup.gif
Your grammar is terrible.

This game looks good if you're unfortunate enough to own a Wii. Only problem is, it's the same gameplay from the past few Kirby games, "spruced up" with better graphics and a "creative" twist on it that's already been done before in other games. I'm not knocking the game, but let's be honest with ourselves about what it really is. Nintendo's entire business model is simply replicating the same games over and over and adding "twists". Then again, you could probably say that for alot of gaming companies.

Anyway, the new Kirby game is fun - a friend of mine has it; he bought if for his wife - it was a nostalgic throwback to the Kirby games I played on Gameboy (Kirby's Dreamland) and NES (Kirby's Adventure) when I was growing up. After the success of those games, Nintendo made Kirby their bitch and started churning out terrible games. I guess this was their attempt to bring it back to the original series (ie; do what they did with Mario Bros. for the Wii) but in the end, I'd rather have the original games over the wii's whored out version of a classic game.
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