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Epic news:

On September 13, 2010 (A Perfect Circle) later announced tour dates in which they would be playing the entirety of each of their three albums at each concert, with one album being played per night.[52] It was also announced that the line-up would consist of Maynard James Keenan, Billy Howerdel, Josh Freese, Matt McJunkins, and James Iha

Marquee - Tempe AZ, Avalon - LA, Showbox at the Market - Seattle, The Fillmore - SF, The Pearl - Vegas. 3 nights each. Album each night. Mer de Noms, 13th Step, eMOTIVe. (go to news section)

No dates revealed yet.
I never thought I'd see the day. I told myself that if they ever reunited I'd fly anywhere to see them. Looks like I got lucky and I only need to drive 60 minutes to SF. Perhaps I should drive to LA as well and see them there? I will not be able to sleep tonight!
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing news!!!!! Dude, come to the Vegas show. I'll be there.

I just wish they were playing Thirteenth Step at the one I'm going to sad.gif
Tour dates released. Not much notice.
Josh Freese plays drums for them? Wow. I know of him from the Vandals.
The most unbelievable show(s) I've seen. Overall; the venue, the crowd, the performance and band as a whole, tops even the times I've seen Tool (the band by which all is was judged). Until now, I've really under-appreciated Billy Howerdel (lead guitar and some vocals) He's a freakin ghostly robot on stage. Unreal performance. Even with all the Maynard fanboys I'd say he managed to steal the show. I was also happy because I've never heard Maynard sing so clear before. When he sang Fiddle and the Drum alone (only instrument was his tiny keyboard which he played a note at a time) the place was dead silent and he just raped our ears with his (surprisingly still) perfect voice. Extremely satisfying shows. I have half a mind to fly to Vegas to see their final shows this weekend. To all that didn't go... No sympathy. Their was definitely more out-of-towers who flew in just for the show as opposed to locals. Few bands sound better live... they blew us away.

p.s. they sang their cover the The Cure's Lovesong
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