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Hi there

I know these games are now sort of classics, but for the PC version has anyone here ever done any modding for either game?
Not me, but LOTs of others:
GOOGLE "GTA:SA Modding" should get you a few pages of stuff and places.
However, only the Original Version 1 mods easily, You would have to work to get Version 2 to mod. And Version 3, as I understand it is Not Modable at all.
Yeah i've done a couple.

You can find them here:

I did a few more but lost them. Or they sit dormant on my old PC's somewhere.

I really enjoy modding GTA games, that's the main reason i get them for PC.
The reason I asked, is because I tried to get my boxy model van into VC but failed. Using Zmod and all that to try and place the dummies and whatever make the damage parts just sort of bored me.

Can you place a four door vehicle with a two door one?
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