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LOL, I swear I went to high school or something with this girl. I heard she started some death metal bands but I didn't know she was robbing people.
The comments are hilarious. Also, that sketch artist fucking sucks.
QUOTE (Massacre @ Aug 26 2010, 08:19 PM) *
Also, that sketch artist fucking sucks.

That's a very stoic looking cat mask if I might say so myself.

Funniest comment is pointing out the bitch is guilty of the duck face.
She wears it pretty well. To the point where I dare say it's her natural expression. Still fuckable, though. Being black while being the vocalist for a death metal band more than makes up for the duckish faux pas.
I'm sure this is going to skyrocket her Death Metal band to the top of the charts.

They're actually pretty good.
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