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DoubleBear Productions, an indie developer composed of Bethesda and Troika vets, has finally revealed what was only known as "ZRPG" up until now: Dead State. It's an RPG set in the fictional town of Splendid, TX, which is in the grips of a full-on zombie apocalypse. As one might expect, the object is to keep one's self off the breakfast, brunch, lunch, lupper, supper and evening snack menus.

Players operate out of a local school, which serves as a hub and sanctuary from the horrors that have befallen the rural community. From here, you strike out into the wilds, hunting down supplies and (hopefully) other survivors, but can also use resources to beef up your pad. But, as you've seen in countless zombie films and other works of fiction, not every survivor is a friend -- or sane, for that matter.

Combat will be turn-based and the player will be able to issue commands to the whole group or individuals. For more on the design of the game, check out DoubleBear's FAQ page. The game is fueled by the Age of Decadence engine and will be available for the PC, initially only through digital distribution services.


I'm actually looking forward to seeing if this will turn out to be a good game, i really like indie developers. I've always wanted to play a decent zombie apocalypse game. I'd like this to be online too, but i doubt it will be.

PS, make sure you read the FAQ page on their website, it really sounds quite fun imo.
you had me until you said "turn-based strategy"... still, i like the concept and their vision of survival but, i think it would work better as a dungeon crawler RPG, rather than a JRPG concept... but, this might be the zombie game that might suck me back into the genre... sounds fun to me... a ton more so than dead nation...

so, now there's two network games i am looking forward too next year... this and "from dust"...
QUOTE (bOnEs @ Aug 26 2010, 02:55 PM) *
you had me until you said "turn-based strategy"

I really liked the whole idea of the game until I read that part.
Buzz kill man.
Game companies these days, they make something so right, then fuck it up with some out-there idea they have...
How the hell do you turn-base fight Zombies? I hate turn-based. Its slow, its boring.
"Okay, you hit me, let me pick from a list of attacks... *whack* Okay, your turn"
Forgive me but what's 'turn-based strategy'.
Imagine playing Chess.
checkers... chess is way over his head laugh.gif...

yea i love the concept... going out scavenging for food and weapons and shit... finding other survivors and using a group of able-bodied people to go out and get these things... being surrounded or leaving a man behind... but come on, how can you fit turn-based mechanics in this?? it'll take away the fear factor... that's why i love fallout 3 so much, VATS only has to play a small part of the action, you can still feel the sense of urgency and fear when walking through hallways hearing the enemy on the other side, hoping he didn't hear you first...

i really hope this isn't as turn-based as we are thinking because, this sounds like the ultimate survival game...
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