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Full Version: Trouble installing GTA : SA (Please help) Forums > GTA III Series > GTA San Andreas
Well, i recently got "Windows 7 Ultimate" 64 bit.

I have been on the Windows 7 site, and GTA : SA is flagged as "Compatible" for Windows 7 ultimate 64 and 32 bit, but heres the problem. When i click "Run installer[[direct .exe link - filtered for security]]" it comes up with an error saying.

[ /:Z is not a valid win.32 application ]

Now, i was just wondering if anyone had any answers to lighten the situation, i would really apprectiate it. I miss cruising around on SAMP, i miss sand duning on the Sanchez smile.gif Please help.

You have the game already on the computer?
You have deleted the GTA_SA.set File (because you have a new OS that is not compatable with the settings in this file.)?
You are running the game in W98 Compatibility Mode?

And, Before going too far, as a lot of time is wasted on trying to fix a no-fix situation:
Are you playing the game with the Original DVD in the Drive? You are not trying to use a No-CD program or crack.
If you Downloaded your game: is it from other than Direct2Drive or

No, it isn't already installed.

Erm, i don't know. How would i go about finding out?

How do i do this, it isn't even installed yet?

Yes it is in original DVD disc, bought from Game or HMV can't remember tongue.gif

Also, the error only comes up when i try to run the "Installation" progress.
You put the Disc into the DVD optical reader drive.
It comes up with a menu.
You selected 'Install'.
Then it fails...

The game is a DVD game, is your optical drive a DVD, CD, or CD/DVD drive?
GOOGLE :Z is not a valid win.32 application

everything I find is refering to a bad/corrupted 'downloaded' game not a disc.
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