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Ok well as there was no thread on this i thought i may as well start one.

First off, i remember seeing this first at 2009's really small E3 show. At the time is just seemed like a horrible imitation of LittleBigPlanet but with cars. So i shrugged it off and thought about some of the other blockbuster titles i was really waiting for through-out 2010 so far. Now they have passed and I've completed them, i sat in Blockbusters the other day sifting through the titles i had missed. Not much caught my eye, so i picked ModNation racers purely because it stood out and seemed ok really.

I started playing it as soon as i got in and really thought well this feels a lot like Mario Kart but with customizable characters. Today I'm still playing it and i absolutely love it. It is in fact a Mario Kart clone, but they somehow made it more fun than Mario Kart which is unbelievable as Mario Kart was one of those classics i adored.

Things that are good about this game:

First off the character customization it slick and polished well in comparison to that of LBP which seemed very jerky.

The vehicles are pretty epic, you can do much with them like that of Need for Speed DUB or Underground.

The track creation is amazing quick and easy to use. You get this giant track laying machine which you drive around and it drops the track behind you. Then you can customize your theme and landscape using brush tools and sun modifier. There is also an Auto-populate button which just creates an amazing array of trees, houses and other random items around your track if you cant be bothered to do them yourself, which i think is great and saves hours of boring work.

Vehicle handling is as good as Mario Kart's, with the same drift/skid feature with plays a vital role in completing tracks first place. Some of the weapon drops are really good and can change a race outcome in the blink of an eye. Online play is as fun as offline. There is a split screen mode for up to 4 players offline which is awesome for friends. And sharing tracks, karts and characters like LBP is a really nice touch.

I rate this game 9/10 for style and graphics. 9/10 for gameplay. 8/10 for sound/music.

Here is a trailer for those of you that haven't heard of/seen this game.

So if you doubted this game, try a rent like i did and see if you like it. I'm positive i will buy this now when i have enough cash.

Discuss this!
i got this game and thought it was VERY good, but i see it more like a party game which is good and bad at the same time cause its good when friends are here but i dont really play it much alone since i beat it... i dont regret it though cause i enjoyed the single player a lot and online is fun, too bad i cant play it cause my internet is fucked up.
Yeah the career is fun while it lasts and is challenging at times, but it ends quick. The fact you can race 4 split screen and online against the world is awesome too. I've made some cool cars, characters and tracks.

Here is my most proud creation that I'm using now:

And these three characters i made which i use the most:




And these ones you may also recognise biggrin.gif

Dog Mauser Truck
Kind of a like funny version of .'Twisted Metal'. that's customizable? If its like that, I'll buy it for my B-day in September.
It is a bit, but it's more like Mario Kart to be honest. It's a lot more fun playing with friends than it is playing online alone too.

There is a good amount of customization with parts, and stickers which go into a lot of detail.
The character creation is awesome. Your guy looks just like you, right down to the giant blue eyes that made men question their sexuality during the SML.
bushka, just got modnation yesterday, checked out your creations, they are amazing lol biggrin.gif
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