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Now that I've solved my PC's hardware problems, naturally, I'm now having a software problem. Windows has started telling me that my Vista product key isn't valid, after having this PC for nearly two years. It asks for a product key, I enter the one that my PC came with, and it says it's not valid. Operating system product keys don't expire, so I don't know what the problem is. It's also replaced my wallpaper with a blank black background that says:

Windows Vista ™
Build 6002
This copy of Windows is not genuine

Is there a virus that can create taskbar popups startup prompts and otherwise mimic a regular Windows program? I'm suspicious it could be a virus that wants me to buy a fake product key to get my credit card number, but I don't know what I'm doing anymore, so I thought one of you could help me out.

Never mind, Windows is fucking stupid.

Nope, still fucked up.
I think you should call microsoft. When i did it because it said my key wasn't valid, they were surprisingly helpful.
I think it's sorted this time. I did a bunch of shit, asked some guys on their forums, did a bunch of diagnostic checks, and it looks solid for right now. I'd still like to know what caused it, though.
What caused it? What causing anything on Windows?
My new motherboard fucked up my license for Vista. I had to use the secondary license.
Rhetorical, bbe.
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